A Boy Alone — Intimate Character Descriptions

A Boy Alone
a twisted trilogy
for young persons of all ages


Alan John Mayer

illustrations by Steve Lubin

© 1992, 2015
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LEITMOTIF: symbol that represents him/her.
Notes: How does this character operate in the world?
Character’s Quote:


* King Kiriakos Godfried Goldspinner King of Abundance 1809 ✝1911
Leitmotif: the red Standard roadster
PLACE Abundance Abundance
PHOTO 5’9” 160 pink
HERE silver hair blue eyes red nose
NOTES: King Kiriakos was a smooth talking, jovial ladies’ man, a happy-go-lucky adventurer King, established the state hospital, orphanage, and home for the aged. He died at 113, the result of a collision in his open Standard roadster with a lamppost in Blue Spruce Park.
“Gold can buy you anything.”

* Marguerite Agarapina Goldspinner Queen Mother of Abundance, 1820 — 1924
Lightning, Queen Mother’s Arabian horse
Jewel encrusted walking stick
PHOTO Born in Grace Died in Abundance
5’6” 120 pink
silver hair green eyes content
Queen Mother Marguerite Goldspinner, neé Gnade, GramMaguerite to the royal family, is the grandmother of Princesses Erica and Pristine, and Princilla’s great-grandmother, who dies before Prince Alone is born. Marguerite is a soft-spoken, gentle woman, a trailblazer, an early proponent for women’s rights. She is a horticulturalist, ornothologist, and former equestrian, crowned “Fastest Woman On Earth” in 1843. After the King’s death, she moves into the palace attic, and overlooking the gardens and the lake, watches time go by.

* The Late Princess Christine Agarapina Marguerite DEAD UPON ARRIVAL
Daughter of King Kiriakos & Queen Mother/ Mother of future Queen, Pristine Goldspinner.
PHOTO Leitmotif: the earth swallowing up hands
Born in Abundance 1862 ✝1893

* Erica Agarapina Goldspinner Princess of Abundance 1887
future Queen of the state of Discord
PLACE Leitmotif: emerald green “E” pin, matching emerald corona, sedative bottle
PHOTO Abundance/Insanity Queen of Discord
HERE 5’ 102 sallow
strawberry blonde hazel trouble shows
Erica is a good looking, impeccably dressed and styled woman with not a hair out of place, dripping in gold and lavish fabrics, prone to hysteria. She is a high strung insomniac. Though first born of the Goldspinner twins by eight minutes, Erica is the less fortunate of the two. While in the state of Forgiveness, Erica watched, as the earth split, swallowed her parents, and closed before her eyes. A traumatizing minute and a half later, arms stopped waving, and Erica turned hysterical.
After years of therapy in the state of Insanity, and numerous shock treatments, for the best interest of the state of Abundance, Princess Erica was forced, under duress, to trade birth certificates with her younger twin, Pristine. Erica comes to regret this decision, and strives to correct it.
Erica meets Buzz Runner, moves with him to Discord, and rules as Queen. Erica is an athlete, dancer, and likes to hike. People say she is crazy; Erica often expects the worst, and unless she is on medication, it usually happens. “I like living in Discord. It’s a good life.”

* Pristine Marguerite Goldspinner Princess of Abundance 1887 Countess of Style future Queen of Abundance
PLACE Leitmotif: ebony and ivory hair comb sets, each with a row of sixteen diamonds, one for each State of Consciousness,
PHOTO and Her Majesty’s charm bracelet.
5’4” 112 pink
HERE Strawberry blonde hazel alabaster
NOTES: Pristine is a charming woman who puts on a convincing smile, but underneath the façade, she lives in guilt; guilt over not having been at her sister’s side when she left for Insanity, guilt over having to face a prince she did not want to give birth to. Every sight of him is a reminder of her guilt.
Pristine collects jewelry, charms, gold, and any rock that sparkles. With her sister, Princess Erica, Pristine grew up under the care of Nanny Needlepinch, and the influence of Queen Mother Marguerite, an ornithologist, who taught the twins the names of all the birds in the garden. Pristine also collects historical memorabilia, and insects.
In Book II, Lost In Confusion, Queen Pristine enlists King Godwyn in her gardening adventures, and her efforts to save the trees of Discord, Resolve, and Bereavement.
“My way or not at all.”

* Godwyn Rex Bonheur Prince of Tolerance, Defender of the Faith Defender of the Faith, King of Abundance
PLACE Leitmotif: cufflinks, matching pocket watch
PHOTO 5’10” 180 white
HERE brown blue silver goatee
Godwyn is the debonair, young-spirited, playful and prayful Prince of Tolerance. He is of great stature, and with his thick mane and handsome looks, women swoon. Godwyn has a soothing voice, and is can hypnotize people into calm.
Godwyn is wise and worldly, but submissive, eager to do anything to maintain peace not only in the Fear-Terror war, but at the palace, and is unaware of his dependent relationship with the Queen. Architecture and the working of the gold mines hold his interest, and he is an avid supporter of miners’ rights. King Godwyn collects coins, stamps, and flags, and enjoys making people feel good, particularly, his Queen, Pristine. “This too shall pass, my dear.”

* Possessia Bonheur Godwyn’s oldest daughter 1901
Tolerance Abundance
PLACE Leitmotif: Wicca Kupie doll, silver fox fur
PHOTO 5’7” 118 alabaster
HERE black brown smooth skin
Possessia has mastered the cello, money, and through her entry into Abundance, a marriage and position as a Lady in Resolve. Possessia is stylish, cunning, demanding, and acquisitive in her search for the love of a missing mother, and she is unwilling to allow anyone or anything stand in her way. Her hobbies: astrology, sorcery, Wicca, Kupie dolls, fashion, furs, flickers, and wine. “How can I make this work for me?”

* Geezealous Bonheur Godwyn’s second daughter 1902
Tolerance Abundance
PLACE Leitmotif: violin, and camera
PHOTO 5’6” 116 alabaster
brown brown flawless skin
Geezealous is confused, still unaware the effect of the loss of her mother. She is interested in flickers, magazines, fashion, style, jewelry, furs, and anything her older sister, Possessia, is interested in, including anything from the state of Romance, or Play. Geezealous is passionate, and though she is unaware of it, she is jealous of her older sister.
When Queen Pristine becomes pregnant with Princess Princilla, Possessia draws Geezealous in to help her create another miscarriage for the Queen.
“We never got to have one of those, Papa.”

* Princilla Agarapina Bonheur Princess of Abundance, first heir 1918
Leitmotif: trophies, ribbons, and awards
5’9” 136 pink
golden blonde blue white
Princilla is spellbinding, a master in the artistic use of cosmetics to deceive, and wellbred to a fault. She places a spell on the palace and is determined to rid it of her brother. She is beautiful, a leader in fashion and style, funny, even witty, but Princilla thinks of no one but Princilla. When her younger brother, Prince Aloneous, refuses to disappear, in spite of her spell, Princilla becomes a closet smoker.
Princilla has cases full of certificates, trophies, and awards. She collects dolls, dollhouses, doll furniture, and curates at the Royal Dollhouse Museum.
“Give me one in each color, please.”

* Prince Aloneous Rexus Bonheur spellbound Prince of Abundance 1924
Leitmotif: bejeweled pen and journal
5’9” 155 pink
PHOTO brown hazel forehead scar
Aloneous (later Alone) wants to find himself in everyone he meets, but his mind set, formed in large part by his evil sister’s torment, keeps him stuck before he can find a breakthrough in consciousness. Alone yearns. He is searching, fun loving, tenderhearted, inquisitive, passionate, always up to something, lives for years in the state of Confusion, and later Forgiveness. The prince is interested in the unknown; rocks and stars, plants and animals, and learns to communicate with them.
“Why is that?”

*Uncle Kitzio Bonheur Godwyn’s younger brother, Duke of Tolerance 1897 5’10 175
brown blue Duke
Leitmotif: flag of faith, honor, democracy
Kitzio is an honorable, stately man with presence and charm, a beautiful wife (Hubertine) and two beautiful daughters, Brunette and Blondine. Like his older brother, Godwyn, Kytzio if a family man who prefers to be home rather than traveling about the states representing an upstart recycling firm called TrashforUGold. When the Duke can find the time, he likes to fly ‘the girls’ in his private plane to remote locations, and indulge them in his passion for wildlife and photography.
“Nothing matters in the end save your integrity with your own mind.”

*Aunt Hubertine Bonheur Kitzio’s wife, Duchess of Tolerance
born in Forgiveness 1892
5’7” 132 light
blonde blue erect
Leitmotif: women’s, children’s, animal rights
Hubertine is a motherly, kind, balanced woman, well thought, well spoken, and straight forward, spoken in gentle tone. She strives to keep her family in balance with tenderness, kindness, and unconditional acceptance. Impeccably dressed and coiffed, Hubertine also likes to take over the throttle, with Kitzio’s permission whenever they fly daughters Brunette and Blondine into the wilderness.
“Love one another.”

*Brunette Bonheur Tolerance, Princilla’s cousin 1917
5’9 145 light
long brown hair hazel brain
Leitmotif: insects, math books, puzzles, Pi “π”
Brunette is a leader, a baton twirling go-getter, a bright girl, morally sound, exceptionally perceptive with great forethought and a keen sense of balance. Her interests include geography, history, art, science, and mathematics. She also does well on the ice, in the pool, and on horseback.
“Let’s figure this out.”

* Blondine Bonheur Tolerance, Brunette’s younger sister, 1919
Leitmotif: autograph book
5’10” 154 pink
blonde hair gray eyes curls
Blondine is a bright girl, morally sound, but a shadow in the light of her older sister Brunette. She has a good sense of what is right and wrong, follows a different drummer, and is a bit more rebellious than her studious sister. Blondine’s interests include music, art, mosaic, crossword puzzles, dance, photography, opera, film, flickers, and film stars. Blondine has an autograph book filled with inscriptions from well wishing celebrities.
“Where’s the party?”

* Linda van Skook, daughter of Minister & Mrs. v. Skook, and Princilla’s classmate
Abundance 1919
Leitmotif: puzzle
5’4” 110
brown brown brown
Linda excels in math and science. She can often be found with her head buried in books. She likes brainteasers, science, nature, statistics, facts, puzzles, and crossword puzzles.
“What is a river or stream offshoot with nine letters starting with ‘t’?”

* Bella van Skook, Linda’s younger sister, and Princilla’s classmate
Abundance 1921 Leitmotif: squiggling worm
5’2” 96 light
brown brown freckles
Bella is an innocent, sweet, timid girl, small in stature, unaware, impressionable, with poor eyesight. Bella is unsure of herself, filled with fear. Bella likes nature, loves to go camping with her family, likes to draw, and has a large collection of dried bugs.
“Wanna see my bugs?”

* Auntie Envie Goldspinner Queen’s Aunt, Abundance, Bereavement,1880
Leitfmotif: crochet and knitting needles
5’5” 98 light
strawberry blonde gray turban
Matronly widow, mother of three, brown on brown. Envie is thrifty, a master at crochet, stitch, and needlepoint. She gardens, and maintains a coop of chickens, hens, and geese. Full of advice on any topic, solicited or not, Envie was second in line for the crown of Abundance, when it went to Pristine. Envie has swallowed her pride, but secretly digests her resentment.
“As long as one has one’s health, one is fine.”

* Uncle Buzz Runner Princess Erica of Discord’s husband 1882
Queen Pristine’s brother-in-law
Letimotif: gold pocket watch, chauffeur’s cap
5’6” 148 pink
bald brown eyes scars
Princess Erica’s husband, father of three from a previous marriage, is a quiet, thrifty follower, willing to give in to keep the peace. He hoards useable items, and creates what he calls works of art, appreciated by few. He is a clock and watch enthusiast and has a valuable collection of more than two hundred time pieces as varied as grandfather clocks to pocket watches and sundials. His favorite duty at the castle is feeding the crocodiles in the moat.
“Don’t let me rock the boat.”

* Gerkeford of Indifferene Indifference, Princilla’s husband 1913 Leitmotif: beer Krug, the bill
6’2” 198 pink
blond blue
Gerkeford (Gerk) is a tall, lanky, handsome stutterer with big feet and bow legs, corrected by his wife Princilla. Gerk has spent his life living and working among his eleven brothers as a construction worker in his father’s construction business. He is a solicitor, and becomes involved with the construction of bridges, but in spite of his efforts, is unable to succeed.
Gerk feels comfortable in nature, camping, and collects antique weapons and camping gear. Though very masculine in his nature and voice, Gerk is reserved, insecure with his manliness, ultra-conservative in his blind political and religious views, and easily charmed by the fairer sex. Gerk has several run-ins with the law regarding his favor for the bottle interspersed with his love for motor vehicles. For Gerk, every day is a flight over his addiction, which he, with Princilla’s help, keeps in the closet. “Where’s the bar?”

* Earl of Indifference Gerk’s father, Princilla’s in-law 1870 Leitmotif: blue limousine
6’2” 225 red nose
red hair blue eyes scars
Earl of Indifference is a large, rather clumsy, oaf of a man with splotched pink skin, stringy graying hair, and a beer belly, as if about to burst out of his pale blue suit. Father of twelve boys and one girl, a rather crude, rough-edged man who loves his wife and little Girka, and expects all of his boys to step in line and act like men.
Earl has been known to enjoy fine cigars, beer, and gambling, and has also been known to allow people to assume he is an Earl, though Earl is his Christian name.
“Let’s get it done, boys.”

* Lady Contessa of Indifference Princiilla’s mother-in-law 1872
Leitmotif: Holy Book, apron
5’11” 178 pink
strawberry blonde blue bouffant
Contessa is a tall country girl with a pile of strawberry blonde hair atop her head and imitation diamond earrings and bracelet. She is fond of paisley, ruffled chiffons. She is of upstanding moral character, and highly religious. As mother of thirteen, she is kind, compassionate, and ready to listen to anyone who needs a shoulder to cry on.
“Come to me, son, Mama will make it alright.”

* Lord George Woolsey Abundance Parliamentarian, Minister of state
born in Fear, lives in Abundance 1867
Leitmotif: pipe, golf clubs, herringbone cap
5’8” 175
bald gray blood vessels
Usually wearing a woolen waistcoat, tie or ascot with matching herringbone cap, Lord Woolsey makes no decisions without his pipe. He keeps up on world events through reading, is a good debater, in touch, reliable, alert, and supportive. George Woolsey is a compassionate man, cheerful, and irreplaceable to the King. Though level headed, he is prone to exaggeration. Physically, he is a stocky man, with a jovial face, a comely smile, voice, and energy. He likes submarines and warships, and has a collection of war memorabilia from all sixteen states of Consciousness, including an 800 year-old axe. Lord and Lady Woolsey are major patrons of the Royal War Museum, and godparents to Princesses Erica and Pristine.

* Grand Dame Lady Avorah Woolsey daughter of a Baroness of Possession 1849
George’s wife, godmother to Erica & Pristine
Leitmotif: feathered hats & dresses, chess set
5’7” 138 alabaster
Lady Avorah (Lily Tomlin) is top heavy, bejeweled, be-feathered, concerned, compassionate, and always has an opinion, usually an influence on her husband, Lord Woolsey. She is a master chess, Bridge, and card player, plays the cello, and prides herself on her violets, whom she plays to daily. Avorah is a cat lover, owns three, and has established an animal rescue, spaying, and placement foundation in the village of Contentment.
“Someone must take a stand for our four-legged friends.”

* Lord Manton Cnute Newspaper Owner from Bereavement 1877
Leitmotif: the newspaper
5’11” 195 white
gray hair blue eyes cigars
Lord Cnute is a foreigner, fine haired with a moustache, dressed in ecru linen suit, ascot, and a golden pocket watch. He enjoys smoking cigars, and taking an occasional nip of brandy or gin. Manton is a superb chess, checkers, backgammon, and Bridge player, also a layman magician who likes to test tricks on an unsuspecting audience.
“Now you see it, now you don’t.”

* Lady Celestina Cnute Grand Dame of Bereavement 1882 Leitmotif: calendar, electric light
5’7” 155 white
graying hair light eyes
Lady Celestina is good a good backgammon, checkers, Password, and charades player. She likes to keep up to date with world events, inventions, and attends all exhibitions, trade fairs, and celebrations, in particular those representing the automobile and electric industries. Known for her extravagant hats and manner of dress, she has a postcard and stamp collection from around the world and enjoys embroidering, quilting, and crochet.

* Count Russell King Godwyn’s confident and counselor
from Grace (Alan John Mayer) 1869
Leitmotif: open Duisenberg
6’0’ 180 pink
brown hair blue eyes worn
Count Russell is a fading dashing dandy, with thick hair, and a comely smile. He is humorous, entertaining, chivalrous, dressed in lace and velvet. Count Russell would give the shirt off his back, and pays for a meal when he sees someone in need. His interests include automobiles, electricity, yachting, mass transit, and the Tube, in which he holds investments. He is a big proponent of bringing a mass transit system to the state of Abundance, though without much support from his colleagues in Parliament.
“From here to there, let’s get it done.”

* Lord Angeliko Draggelsdorp Parliamentarian of Abundance 1876 Leitmotif: Parliament building as seen from
Goldspinner Bridge, hooka pipe
6’0” 180 dark
black hair dark eyes bushy
Lord Draggelsdorp is a dark, stiff, tight lipped man of large stature with a deep voice and monotonous delivery; he sides every time with peace; enjoys the company of his wife Lady Pearl, gentlemen, and the hooka pipe.
“If for peace my vote is yay, if for war you hear my nay.”

* Lady Pearl Draggelsdorp friend of Queen Pristine, Resolve 1881
Leitmotif: ship’s anchor
5’4” 102 lt. dark
black hair dark eyes hoops
Lady Draggelsdorp is of questionable heritage, light dark skinned. She has placed a spell over people so they judge her by her looks, rather than thinking through the facts. She is superstitious, intuitive, spiritual, careful, sultry, and seductive, always with a long cigarette holder, opium, or hookah pipe. She tells people she was born a South Sea princess, was in a shipwreck, and after six years on a desert island, was rescued, brought to Resolve, where she met Lord Draggelsdorp, who brought her to Abundance to begin a new life.
“Just one more toke, Your Lordship.”

* Lord Theodore Topesch Parliamentarian from Grace 1862 Leitmotif: moustache wax
5’9” 160 white
silver hair brown eyes
Lord Topesch is distinguished, worldly, handsome, and looks like he always knows where he is going. He never seems to make a mistake, until it comes to Lady Theodora’s opinion.
“My dear, it was not my fault.”

* Lady Theodora Topesch Queen Pristine’s frind from Tolerance 1866
Leitmotif: turban with a feather
5’7” 135 white
graying hair brown eyes preserved
Lady Theodora is always listening for good gossip. She is a buxom woman, matronly, into style, and interested in exploring the latest craze. She is a vegetarian who consistently prompts kitchen staff to belie the Lord with imitation meat dishes.
“Love animals, don’t eat them.”

*Admiral Froederich du Posessé Posessia’s husband from Possession 1894 Leitmotif: the anchor on his duty cap
6’0 195 white
brown blue Navy
Froederich is a tall, strapping man with a chiseled face, long nose, and pouty lips. Froederich is the Admiral of the Possession Navy, and commands several legions of men.
“Anchors away.”

* Solicitor Alistair de Wunder Geezealous’ husband from Resolve 1897 Leitmotif: the legal brief
5’10” 180 white
blonde blue
Alistair is a country barrister who specializes in international disputes.

* Hettie Willision Princilla’s ladies’ maid from Fear 1971 Leitmotif: Princilla’s golden mirror, and tiara
5’7” 135 red
red green
Hettie is lanky, naive, hypersensitive, and freckled. She is a plain follower who is easily impressed. She dreams of one day being able to live big like her Mistress, but she knows it will never happen. When her mistress is not around, Hettie dresses in her mistress’ clothes, and pretends in front of the mirror.

* Trevor Dragby Princilla’s footman from Fear 1922 Leitmotif: the wine cellar key ring
5’9” 160 dark
black hair dark eyes
Trevor is eager to please, apologetic, and slow. He simply lives to serve and please his master.

* Kevin Keithleigh footman from Resolve 1938 Leitmotif: the livery
5’11” 178 white
brown blue
Kevin, Keithleigh, is sharp, bright, quick, and anxious to get ahead, knowing his charm, and ability to listen are his stepping stones to a better life.

* Randy Quigley footman from Resolve 1951 Leitmotif: the 1:32 model car
5’10” 175 white
Randy Quigley is young, eager, anxious to learn and prove himself worthy, often prone to making mistakes due to overzealousness.
Abundance ABC, Bereavement BVT, Confusion CON, Determination DET, Discord DIS, Fear FEA, Forgiveness FOR, Grace GRC, Indifference IND, Insanity INS, Play PLA, Possession POS, Resolve RES, Terror TER, Tolerance TOL, Understanding UND,

* Orderic Tibbons butler from TOLERANCE 1852
Leitmotif: tuxedo and white tie
6’1” 190 pink
bald/white blue tight
Orderic Tibbons is organized, precise, detail-oriented, understanding, compassionate, attentive, fatherly, helpful, inviting, always available. He leans toward the palace housekeeper, Feodora Bissiby, as well as the new young governess, Miss Joi Dyer.
“You rang, Madam?”

* Able Henceforth first footman from GRACE 1904
Leitmotif: peacock, poetry book
5’11” 178 brown
thick black hair brown eyes ear stud
Abel Henceforth is the peacock, a handsome young man with reassuring smile and voice. He is gentle, inquisitive, eager to please, driven, likes to write poetry, and is an automobile and flying machine enthusiast. His interests include music, dancing, and he likes to create jewelry with silver and gold.
“Watch your back, cover your track.”

* Fenewick Twickenham second footman from PLAY 1909
Leitmotif: juggling pins and balls
5’11” 185 Red
brown brown
Fenewick is a country boy, soft spoken with a country accent, alert with big ears. He likes to juggle and do card tricks, and in his excitement to do right, often jumps the gun.
“Yes, Sir.”

* Albert Fiddlestix third footman from POSSESSION 1904

* James Prescott fourth footman from CONFUSION 1900

* Kenneth Keithleigh fifth footman from PLAY 1948

* Earl Quigley sixth footman from DISCORD 1951

* Enzo Maravillosillo King Godwyn’s valet from Confusion 1902 Leitmotif: coin and stamp books
5’6” 135 dark
dark hair brown eyes brown
Enzo is an orphan from Confusion, lost in the world and searching. He is cute, submissive, attentive, compact, energetic, vibrant, warm hearted, pleasing to the eye and ear, and always interested in learning. He enjoys entertainment, film, theater, music, and collects stamps and coins.
“Who I am? I am not quite sure.”

* Mrs. Feodora Bissiby “Mrs. B.” housekeeper from FORGIVENESS 1882 Leitmotif: the satin 18th C. doily on her wall
5’7” 152 white
red hair blue eyes stocky
Mrs. B. is kind, thrifty, inventive, eager to delight, servile, precise, inquisitive, and starving for adventure. She reads romance novels, and helps with the cooking, baking, and bill paying. She is happiest when she has a major event to plan. “I assure you, it will be paid before the end of the month.”

* Uppsola Pumba Queen’s lady-in-wsiting from GRACE 1817
Leitmotif: romance novel
5’8” 135 white
gray/blonde every three weeks gray
impeccable, cheerful, helpful, considerate, God fearing, and eager to please. Uppsola has been Queen Mother’s maid since she was seventeen. She thrives on anything that stimulates Queen Mother, and enjoys spending time overlooking the palace grounds solving a crossword puzzle while listening to radio programs. Uppsola also frequently exchanges romance novels with Mrs. Bissiby, and likes to call Queen Mother Y.M., short for Your Majesty.
“I will take care of that, Y.M.”

* Nanny Carabella Needlepinch Nanny from TERROR 1830
Leitmotif: flask, rocking chair, cane
5’7” 126 white
gray black hooked
twisted, turned, tight lipped, past retirement age, mean spirited controlling hunchback with a hook nose, and graying stringy black hair wearing black clothes, yet somewhere Carabella finds happiness within. She is a Schnapps nipper who has a habit of falling asleep on the job.
“Get back in your cage.”

* Nanny Millie McMeane Nanny to Bonheurs from FEAR 1860
Leitmotif: the vinegar spray bottle
5’4” 115 brown hazel
tight lipped, by the book, strict, orderly.
“Rise and shine, girls, it’s six thirty.”

* Nanny Agatha Bickerstaff Nanny to Bonheurs from INSANITY 1848
Leitmotif: ruler
5’2” 100 white
unforgiving, angry at not having been born beautiful, Nanny is jealous. She is portly, dressed in black, has hairy arms, legs, a slight moustache, and likes to scare the girls by awakening them with vinegar spray. Black on black on black.
“Do it I said, or suffer the consequences.”

* Nanny Bessie McNeigh Nanny from FORGIVENESS 1900
Leitmotif: prayer book
5’7” 128 red
orange hair green
Nanny Bessie is young, warm, friendly, reserved, smiling, and truly loves the children.

* Mrs. Mina Amora Lady in waiting from ABUNDANCE 1876
Leitmotif: silver thimble
5’4” 120 dark
brown green
a proud, energetic, subservient and straight laced woman, assertive and aware, Mina is a master at needlework, sewing, crocheting, darning, cooking, and likes to read about them. She is an alert, always ready woman, quite flexible in her ways and expectations. Mina adores the Queen and goes to the end of the earth to fulfill her wishes.
“Allow me to get that for you, Madam.”

* Miss Competencia Arguilo Lady-in-waiting from ABUNDANCE 1872
Leitmotif: Holy Book, praying hands
5’6” 125 brown
blonde blue
a self-motivated, controlling woman of advanced years. As her name implies, she is capable, adept, prayerful, and god-like in nature. As she approaches seventy, she goes through an identity crisis.
“Allow me to take care of that, Madam.”

* Mrs. Teddy Williams Queen’s Dresser from FORGIVENESS 1865
Leitmotif: train tracks and whistle
5’5” 120 white
brown blue kind
a generous, warm-hearted, motherly woman whose son is in a wheelchair as a result of an automobile accident.
“From your lips to God’s ears.”

* Miss Thessolonia Thorncroft Queen’s Personal Assistant/ Secretary from BEREAVEMENT 1880
Leitmotif: the royal register book
5’10” 1555 white
brown green
the Queen’s tight-lipped, tall, handsome woman with big teeth is competent, reliable, quick, precise, stiff, plain, exacting. Thessolonia likes to embroider, and read books of travel.
“You are free the remainder of the afternoon, Your Majesty.”

* Mr. André Noirod Communications Operator from FORGIVENESS 1900

* Miss Edwina Zambelli Princilla’s lady’s maid from FEAR 1908
Leitmotif: sparkling bangle
5’6” 130 brown
brown brown
good hearted, uplifting, chatty, funny, gossipy, entertaining, yearning orphan girl, eager, always alert and listening for what’s new. Edwina likes anything Princlla likes, especially the princess’ clothes and jewelry.
“I will do it on one condition, your pink robe.”

* Miss Patience Deere Queen’s lady’s maid from TOLERANCE 1933
Leitmotif: maid’s cap
5’6” 125 pink
brown hazel cute
patient, careless, inexperienced, innocent, unaware, eager to please, eager to learn young orphan girl who will put up with anything not to have to return.

* Mrs. Entra Sitwell Head Mistress from INSANITY 1878
Leitmotif: lesson plan book
5’6” 120 white
brown brown
Entra was born and raised in Insanity, but escaped at an early age. She is stiff, matronly, unforgiving, and everything is by the book. There is no smiling allowed, no joking, no laughter, no coloring outside the lines. Brown on brown, with an accent of green, perhaps burgundy, Entra Sitwell must be in charge. “In the end experience triumphs over youthful enthusiasm.”

* Miss Viola Hiss Teaching intern from FEAR 1906
Leitmotif: horn rim glasses, bubble sheet 5’4” 105 brown brown hazel tight
Viola Hiss is an artistic, capable young follower with beautiful complexion and expressive eyes hidden behind glasses and a tightly twisted mousy brown bun atop a swan’s neck. Though eager to please and eager to learn, she is a timid girl with a small voice, secretly interested in finding a husband and starting a family, unsure how to go about it.
“Don’t bother me now. Ask Mistress Sitwell.”

* Master McMasters Teacher from UNDERSTANDING 1887
Leitmotif: bird, skiis, board
6’0” 180 pink
white hair blue eyes
McMasters is a strong, confident man of the world with expressive eyes, a full head of prematurely white hair, and a thick neck. He reads, travels, speaks several languages, and enjoys skiing, surfing, and watching birds and other wildlife.
“Let’s go see what there is to explore.”

* Mr. Guillyum Snibbles Groundskeeper from ABUNDANCE 1858

Leitmotif: wheelbarrow, compost heap, shovel
5’8” 155 pink
gray gray
Guillyum Snibbles is as weathered as his overalls, near blind, hunched, jovial, and expressive. He is interested in pleasing the Queen, and prides himself on the beautiful palace gardens. He knows each and every bush, plant, and tree by name, and even planted many of them in his youth as apprentice on the palace grounds.
“Come dig with me and let’s watch it grow.”

* Mr. Willard Wollard Hortiulturalist from INSANITY 1891
Leitmotif: Orchidlings in the greenhouse
5’9” 160 pink
brown green
Wollard is a portly man of jovial character, honest, sincere, reliable, near deaf former factory worker who has returned to the land in search of a calmer, quieter life. He is kind to plants, animals, humans alike, and helps the prince with his animal communication skills. Of particular interest to Wollard are his Orchidlings, which he treats like his children.

* Nik Digweed Gardener from GRACE 1921
Leitmotif: the cannabis leaf
5’9” 160 brown
black brown dark
Digweed is a charming, flirtatious young man, eye candy, with thick hair, confident, warm and smiling, eager to advance but only doing what he enjoys; gardening. He is interested in plants (especially raising his orchids), herbs, vegetables, irrigation and agriculture, and cannabis. He has tested every herb in the garden for quality and relief. He is athletic, alert, and questions his identity in the world with his poetry.
“You dig me?”

* Peter Knauer Stableboy from BEREAVEMENT 1916
Leitmotif: the empty bottle of booze
5’6” 135 pink
blonde blue knackig
Peter is an easy-going orphan, compact, saftig, tight-lipped, an adorable servant boy with a strong country accent, most likely to rely on a smoke or a bottle to find peace in his little corner of the world in the stable.
“Let me introduce you to my Poppies.”

* Billy, Bobby, Robbie Gardener Gardeners from ABUNDANCE
Leitmotif: the black leather vests
1918 5’7” 155–
1920 5’9” 150
1922 5’11 180
eye candy, good looking well-built boys who enjoy plant and garden life, want nothing more than to keep the grounds beautiful by appearing every day to care for the grounds.
“Let’s get it done, Bro.”

* Maurice Le Souffle palace chef from DETERMINATION 1900
Leitmotif: the wire whip and the cook spoon
6” 210 pink
silver blue portly
Maurice is a large man with rosy cheeks, a bulbous red nose, and an accent. He is a horticulturalist who knows every herb in the garden, happy, whether cooking his favorite dish, or alphabetizing spices. Maurice likes an occasional nip of wine, and does as the royal family, has clothes tailored by the King’s tailor, and steps out on the town on his night off pretending to be a Lord.
“What is life wizout ze spices? No pizzaz.”

* Fradenzo Kookje palace baker from FORGIVNESS 1904
Leitmotif: the electric blender, the soufflé
5’6” 145 pink
balding green
Kookje is a kind, jovial man, full of laughter who loves to hear jokes, and occasionally tells one himself only to forget the punch line. He keeps up to date on the culinary arts, knows and operates every modern electronic device in the kitchen, and in his free time enjoys reading crime novels. “How the clock ticks at home, it ticks nowhere else.”

* Miss Pingüine Kipke Scullery maid from INDIFFERENCE 1920
Leitmotif: pots
5’6” 125 pink
brown brown
slovenly inexperienced orphan girl, prone to weeping when corrected. She wants a better life but has no idea how to escape service in the kitchen.
“I wont’ do it again, Madam.”

* Miss Marguerite Raske Scullery maid from TERROR 1910
Leitmotif: pans
5’8” 138 white
brown gray
more efficient of the scullery maids, experienced, and ready to move on to a better life.
“Beg your pardon, Monsieur Le Souffle.””

* Miss Joi Dyer Governess from GRACE 1907
Leitmotif: white silk handkerchief
5’9” 136 alabaster
blonde blue virginal
inexperienced, and eager to learn, sisterly, supportive, a good listener, patient, kind, pleasing to the eyes and ears, warm and considerate, a sane young woman with a good head on her shoulders who often allows the prince to slip through her fingers.
“If you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all.”

* Mr. Manhi Boswell King’s bodyguard from TERROR 1938
Leitmotif: num chucks
6’3” 270 pink
bald blue buff
a foreign man with great presence, a perfect head but no neck, soft spoken, no nonsense, precise, alert and on his toes, a martial arts master, a man of few words who is always ready. “En garde.”

* Garcilaso Queen’s bodyguard from TERROR 1978
Leitmotif: boxing gloves
6’4” 285 brown
brown brown strong
a towering man, handsome, fluent in three languages and persuasive in even more, warm, tender, concerned, and ready to put his life on the line for his Queen.
“Don’t step over the line.”

* Mr. Göran Skook King’s Advisor from ABUNDANCE 1882
Leitmotif: the bear
6’0” 180 white
brown brown
spindly linguist with thinning hair and graying temples, keen man with a sharp eye and ear for business, always on the lookout for news. Orderly, well spoken, respectful of others.
What is there to gain here?”

* Helmuth Crankshaft Chauffeur from UNDERSTANDING 1899
Leitmotif: the open Maybach limousine
6’ 178 white
strawberry green
electricly inclined, motivated young man who can take an engine apart, and put it back together ion the dark. He is, alert, inquisitive, enthusiastic, anxious to move forward, in life and on the road. Nothing like being out in the open country behind the wheel, an auto and flying contraptions enthusiast, when not behind the wheel, Crankshaft likes women, wine, and song.
“Mind the road, not the rear view mirror.”

* Mr. Condos Schuldenfrei King’s Advisor from POSSESSION 1896
Leitmotif: the leger
5’10” 175 white
bald gray
a tight-lipped cantankerous old man, dressed in a dark suit with a pipe who likes scotch. He is stately though not a good speaker. He keeps up with the news via all mediums and has a projection room set up in his house to review news releases. He is the mastermind behind the regents’ investments.
“Invest today, prosper tomorrow.”

* Dr. Fingerling Queen’s gynecologist from BERVMT 1870
Leitmotif: crying baby
5’9” 165 dark
brown brown
the only thing not brown is his hat, coat, and black doctor’s bag, a sociable sort of man who is pleasing to women in his manner of jest. He is a closet smoker and drinker, father of six.
“Let me see if I can put a finger on that.”

* Dr. Erhardt Kindervater royal pediatrician from TERROR 1862
Leitmotif: brass dog
5’9” 165 pink
bald gray
a tall, lanky, long legged, Dr. Kindervater is kind, fatherly figure, warm and attentive. Children love him because he relates to them on their level. Reads the Royal Psychiatric Journal every day, cover to cover. He is father of six children, and likes to take them boating and fishing in the state of Play whenever possible.
“You must relate to a child on his own level.”

* Dr. Edelman Fuehlgoed General M.D. from TOLERANCE 1875
Leitmotif: black doctor’s bag
5’6” 145 brown
brown brown
Dr. Fuehlgoed is a gentle, kind, attentive, fatherly soul who prefers psychiatry, but has settled into general medicine.
“If it fuehls goed, do it.”

* Dr. Victoria Paynefrei Sleep specialist from RESOLVE 1896
Leitmotif: mini oven
5’6” 120 white
long, kinky hair brown
A competent straightforward, petite woman with wit and a good sense of humor.
“Your eyes are heavy. You feel very sleepy.”

* Herr Lutto von Lempkke Music teacher from TERROR 1872
Leitmotif: drumstick
6’1” 175 white
balding gray spindly
A cantankerous man, product of an unloving home, with a drumstick he uses to control his little world. Music was his escape from Terror, landing him in Abundance. He is a lover of opera and classical music, but nothing must get in the way of learning properly, his way, through instilling dread in his pupils.
“Once more vom de top, mit out mistakes.”

* Monsieur Charlemagne Carpintier Royal carpenter from CONFUSION 1890
Leitmotif: the donkey cart
5’7” 150 pink
brown brown gnarled
honest, hard working, efficient man who likes to wear herringbone caps and smoke cigars.
“Not just any swing will do, Your Majesty.”

* Raol Krajovic Laborer from RESOLVE 1900
Letimotif: carpenter’s level
5’8” 150 white
blonde blue
“Let’s get this done now so we can go home.”

* Paol Krajovic Laborer from RESOLVE 1901
Leitmotif: hammer and nails
5’8” 150 white
blonde blue
“I cut it three times, but it’s still too short.”

* Miss Rolanda de la Trainier Equestrian teacher from FEAR 1906
Leitmotif: whip
5’6” 110 brown
black brown
a fit and tight woman, opinionated, strong in character, and one who loves horses more than people.
“You must let him know who is in control.”

* Mr. Tomasio Turner Royal tennis teacher from PLAY 1907
Leitmotif: tennis racket
5’7” 138 brown
brown brown sporty
a warm lad happy not to be working in the factory.
“If nothing more, play for love.”


* Ike de Boer Innkeeper from INSANITY 1896
Leitmotif: draught lager
6’1” 180 pink
balding gray blue lanky

* Rengadeng de Boer Barmaid from DETERMINATION 1902
Leitmotif: beer Krug
Ike’s wife, determined to believe she can change her husband, and therefore, their life.
5’9” 140 alabaster
reddish hair blue eyes busty

* Mrs. Winnefred Wydeloade Shopkeeper from INDIFFERENCE 1870
Leitmotif: grocery scale
5’8” 165 white
brown hair blue wigs

* Widow Isabelle Cratchet Country widow from BEREAVEMENT 1867
Leitmotif: trowel and gardening gloves
5’6” 125 white
gray brown friendly


* Herr Udo von Ledermann Shopkeeper from TERROR 1900
6’1” 195
shaved head blue eyes tattoos
good=looking man with a powerful presence, deep voice, dressed in black leather exposing a hairy chest, firm and determined.
“Get on your knees and do it!”

* Mr. Craig Kiepke Pawnbroker from POSSESSION 1902 5’10” 175 pink
bald gray
gnarly man full of trickery and deceit, a speculating man with bad teeth and breath.
“Give that to me. They don’t call me Kiepke for nothing.”

* Mrs. Edith Dreadknot Landlady from INDIFFERENCE 1900
5’6” 125 pink
brown brown
An uneducated, matronly, smoking woman with curlers in her hair. Dense. No smile.
“Don’t break my window!”

* Lord Robert Ogreman Land owner from CONFUSION 1860
5’7” 129
brown brown Indian
A manipulative dominating, speculative and deceitful man without manners; tactless, and out of shape.
“Where’s my rent?”

* Mr. Gymmi Moore Landlord from POSSESSION 1878
5’9” 175 brown
balding brown
A power hungry, acquisitive, coercive, conspiring little man, a pack rat and a gardener, always doing something on his properties, annoying tenants.
“Don’t throw that away, it could be useful.”

* Mr. Dung Wrong Land developer from POSSESSION 1900
5’6” 120 Asian
black balding brown diminutive
A slender man, little in all but voice.
“Tear it down and make way for progress.”

* Count Reginald Rude Count of CONFUSION 1892
5’11” 175 pink
blonde blue snippy
The name says it all, Count Rude is a social climber, an upwardly mobile man with a snobbish way, and intentions to serve no one but himself.

* Reginald Rude the Third Count Reginald’s son 1925
5’10” 170 pink
blonde blue snooty
Reginald is a carbon copy of his father, spoiled, judgmental, and manipulative. He likes to drink, smoke, trick, and play pranks on people.
“I love cats. You want to trade recipes?”

* Mrs. Jennie Canundrum Homeowner in CONFUSION 1899
5’7” 135 white
graying gray
A kind, supportive, Christian woman who spends a great deal of her time reading the Holy Books, she is mother of three, and eager to see everyone get along. With her seven grandchildren living with her, she has more on her hands than she can handle.
“Can’t we all just get along?”

* Sammy Sales Tele-marketer from CONFUSION 1923
6’0” 175 Indian
dark hair blue
A lanky swimmer with a surfer look, long hair, casual, friendly and comely, interested in getting ahead, likes history, geography, art, music, and plays guitar and drums.

* Mr. Albert Cause Head headhunter from CONFUSION 1906
5’10” 189 white
brown brown
Represents “Fiddlestix, Thimblecraft, Cause, Snaggletoothe, Black, & Browne Employment Agency. May I help you?”

* Ducky Benton Celebrity client from CONFUSION 1920
5’11” 175 Indian
brown brown
A good-looking athlete, full of himself; all ego interested only in the finer things in life regardless who is starving.
“If it feels good do it for science.”

* Brooke Healingstream Designer from UNDERSTANDING 1913
5’11” 155
dark blonde blue pretty
Brooke is an entertaining, inventive, funny, soul searching free spirit. She loves design of anything in particular automobiles, furniture, and lamps. She is a layman architect, and is fascinated by anything electrical.
“If it is new on the market, I have probably already got it.”

* Brian Healingstream Inventor from UNDERSTANDING 1908
6’1” 190 white
dark blond blue
Brian has returned after seven years Prisoner of War in Terror. He is a handsome, athletic, articulate man, kind and supportive, sensitive, open, friendly, and yet terribly disturbed by his war experiences.
Brian Healingstream is the spokesperson for Post Trauma Stress Disorder (PTSD).
“I must forgive the world I see.”


* Miss Sparkle Ticklebottom Admissions clerk from FORGIVENESS 1915
5’9” 190 – 140 black
black brown curls
Mother of three, grandmother of five, confident in her skin, warm, supportive, understanding, and eager to help, likes a good joke, good sense of humor and wit, sparkling glasses and chain, her main issue is always weight, as she trims down from a size 20 to a svelt10. In her free time, Sparkle works at a soup kitchen, and distributes food and blankets to the poor.
“Do it right once, and get it out of the way.”

* Miss Anna Thistlewhite Housing specialist from INSANITY 1902
5’11’ 150 alabaster
big, white hair blue
Alabaster skin, pink and paisley air-headed woman with a tall head of white, cotton candy like hair, a woman with a kind, generous heart who thrives on keeping all her little chicks (students) sheltered. She reads romance novels and enjoys sewing, makes all her own clothes, and after a childhood in Insanity, is prone to depression.
“Now where did that come from?”

* Mrs. Edna Svenehoed Store manager from FORGIVNESS 1911
5’6” 145 pink
curly brown hair green eyes heavy
Mother of two, grandmother of four, Edna is not a warm person, rather aloof. She does her job and goes home to watch television.

* Ms. Wander Sprenger Professor from UNDERSTANDING 1903
55” 115 white
brown brown
A confident handsome, masculine presentational woman who knows how to make an impressive entrance, a soul searching smoker who wears café or brown pantsuits. She enjoys camping and gazing up at the stars.
“Hot it down in your journal.”

* Mr. Guy Moveforth Counselor from INSANITY 1904
5’8” 160 pink
balding hazel slovenly
An unorganized man unaware of his surroundings or the space he occupies, a food addict, he is just waiting for retirement so he can go on nature walks and improve his croquet swing.

* Paetrik Saddlecroft Medical student 1922
5’9” 155 pink
blond blue
A loner who plays the saxophone, Paetrik is studious, intelligent, and kind. He likes to hike, and seems most likely to succeed in all aspects of life.

* Miss Emma (Ima) Starlett Life coach from PLAY 1909
5’6” 120 Indian
brown brown no accent
A visionary with a keen eye for talent, style, and individuality, an in shape yogi who meditates regularly, plays the harp, flute, piano and clavichord, a possibility thinker, sometimes a redhead, sometimes blonde, with sparkling green eyes and an effervescent, sincere smile.
“I see success in your future.”

* Wilfred Peek Fashion mogul from PLAY 1917
5’6” 140 pink
bald brown portly
A scheming go-getter, always on the lookout for fresh talent.

* Heinrich Kloppenburg Fashion designer from PLAY 1931
5’10” 165 white
brown blue
A charming, artistic, creative, inventive visionary with a keen eye for quality and style, a bit soft spoken, and of questionable morality.
“Let me make you a star.”

* Baktevedanta Swami Prabhupada Krishna devotee from GRACE 1899
5’9” 160 brown
shaved head brown Indian
A warm fatherly presence with kind eyes and a gentle touch, dressed in saffron robes and hand sewn silk slippers, always in prayer.
“Chant to the Lord, Krishna Hare Hare.”

* Rogaire Matire ‘d from PLAY 1927
5’9” 165 open
bald blue
Rogaire is concerned, attentive, eager to please.
“This way, Madame, Monsieur.”

* Miss Kate Chilton Waitress from RESOLVE 1936
5’5” 140 white
blonde blue
A kickboxing master, and student of martial arts, peppy, perky, springy, with lots of energy, offers unsolicited advice, loves music, poetry, and animals.


* Dean Jeanine Fortuitous Dean from UNDERSTANDING 1900
5’6” 125 white
red brown
A fiery redhead, opinionated, efficiency expert who knows how to get things done through effective delegation.
“Move it, move it, move it!”

* Mr. Theodore Boondoggle School principal from INSANITY 1906
5’10” 175 white
brown brown
An ineffective administrator, who does best behind his desk reviewing statistics; boring, illogical, dense, and impossible to work with.

* Miss Iddie Tiddie School Secretary from CONFUSION 1940
5’2” 98 brown
brown brown mousy
Iddie invests hours taking minutes at meetings. “Save your minutes.”
“In triplicate, and don’t miss a bubble.”

* Miss Biddie Tiddie School Treasurer from CONFUSION 1942
5’1” 95 brown
brown brown mousy
A diminutive woman, plain Jane just like her sister, Iddie.
“A day late and a dollar short.”

* Mr. Bill Blubberbutt Faculty from CONFUSION 1911
5’11” 180 pink
bald blue slovenly
Mr. Blubberbutt is an ineffective teacher who waits for recess, lunch, vacation, and retirement.

* Mr. Henry Belcher Faculty from TERROR 1923
5’8” 165 pink
bald blue
Acclaimed by administration as an effective teacher but boring in presence and presentation, Belcher believes methodology is everything but he can’t quite seem to grasp it.
“Methodology is everything.”

* Ms. Ellisonia Watkins Faculty from UNDERSTANDING 1921
5’9” 170 – 135 white
curly brown hair brown eyes
A creative, instructive, expressive poet, multi-lingual teacher, honest to a fault, and perpetually late, a curly-haired master teacher, a know it all who really does know it all. Ellisionia loves animals and has twelve cats, two skunks, five dogs, two ferrets, and a pair of parakeets.
“Alright everyone, let’s get into groups.”

* Mr. Alec Coochkiss Faculty from CONFUSION 1934
5’!1” 175
brown blue
(Alan John Mayer) a man who puts his heart into anything he does, Alec is a union worker who aims to strengthen teachers for the benefit of children. He is an outspoken rights advocate who is studying to pass the bar exam that he may represent those who cannot speak for themselves. Until that day, he teaches school. “It may take twelve years to retrieve your interest, but what a savings it is to invest in a child’s mind.”

* Mayor Peer Meilleur Mayor of FORGIVENESS 1902
5’6” 155 pink
balding brown
Portly, a true politician, and man about town.


* Mr. Wolfgang Cuddlemey Real estate agent from PLAY 1918
5’10” 160
brown brown
A charming, relaxed, sensitive, good-looking man with a full head of curly hair. He is a reader, and a bicyclist who collects glass and semi-precious stones.
“Location, location, location.”

* Miss Jutta Wigglesdorfer Personal secretary from PLAY 1940
5’2” 115 white
blonde blue saftig
youthful, witty, mad typist with impressive communication skills.

* Miss Valeria Bumpske Secretary/typist from RESOLVE 1945
5’4” 110 pink
blonde blue
bomb shell in tight skirt and sweater, and spike heels, often singing as she works.

* Ms. Patricia Paisley Typist from FEAR 1950
5’8” 135 white

* Miss Angelique Schwimke Editor from UNDERSTANDING 1928
5’7” 128 pink
blonde blue

* Reverend Peggy Bassett Minister, motivational speaker 1900
5’10” 155
silver blue
A warm, gentle, soft spoken southern woman with unending faith and an ability to see good in everyone and everything.
“How you doing, Cute Stuff?”

* Mr. Evets Nibul Royal portraitist from PLAY 1889
5’8” 165 pink
brown blue

* Mr. Thomas Thornesby Literary agt. from UNDERSTANDING 1904
6’0” 179 pink
blond gray

* Mr. Kabuki Kariwana Manager from SOUTH SEAS 1925
5’7” 145 eastern
dark dark

* Mr. Franque Blaque Literary agent from POSSESSION 1892
5’11” 180 white
gray gray

* Mrs. Bunny Blaque Literary agent from FORGIVENESS 1904
5’9” 145
gray gray

* Ms. Lori Premiere QVC television queen from PLAY 1912
5’8” 145 pink
blonde brown tan
A charming, intelligent, savvy business woman with long flowing blonde hair.


Children of Gerkeford and Princilla of Indifference:

Pristine Marguerite Agarapina Princilla d’Indifference 1950
Contessa Pristine Marguerite Princilla d’Indifference 1953
Stillborn son no name necessary 1955

Children of Froederich and Possessia du Possesseé

Freddy Reginald Junior 1927
Possie Christine 1929

Children of Alistair and Geezealous of Resolve

Alair John 1927
Geezela Margot 1929
Girl 1932

Mark McMultiply, Brunette’s TOLERITE husband 1914

Children of Brunette and Mark McMultiply
Barry McMultiply 1940
Carry McMultiply 1942
Fairy McMultiply 1943 grows up w/ issues
Garry McMultiply 1945
Harry McMultiply 1947
Jerry McMultiply 1949
Kerry McMultiply 1951
Larry McMultiply 1953
Mary McMultiply 1957


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