A Response to Mr. & Mrs. Megan Markle–the Duke and Duchess of Suffix

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I found it interesting the Course in Miracles lesson the other day was: “My grievances hide the light of the world in me.” and “Love holds no grievances.” If Megan’s mission is to spread compassion, she needs to take a look in the mirror. Poor Harry. He doesn’t realize what he has done to his family, and they will take him back, but the B list actress will remain in Hollywood, cashing in on her husband, and his fame.

As one who has some knowledge of royalty, and how a royal family operates, I have researched a lifetime, and have an opinion, as we all do, about the interview with Oprah, and the world. I did not watch the Suffix’s (oops, first typo,) interview, only tags, and listened to commentators, all for pure publicity, and the several million dollars I hear Oprah Winfrey earned off this interview with her neighbors, and friends, Prince Harry, and Megan Markle. Oprah did not push for one specific, but let her friends tear down people who had gone out of their way to welcome her in ways no other member was ever welcomed into the royal family, members who were not there to defend themselves, while Harry’s grandfather lay in hospital.

What I see is what I imagine is Oprah’s beautiful garden, a billionaire, (I have loved Oprah since before I saw her in The Color Purple) cashing in on interviewing two millionaires complaining about how hard their lives have been, led, pushed by Ms. Markle. When I heard Megan say the palace had a reaction to her wanting to eat avocados, it occurred to me, Oprah, as I heard her once say on television, loves avocados so much, she bought an avocado farm. Oprah is a friend, leader of the Big Girls’ Club, and one who is committed to fighting injustice, and racism. I applaud Oprah for everything she stands for. Racism and suicide are serious matters, and deserve attention, but if the royal family were racist, do you think they would have allowed Harry to marry Megan, when they knew who she is?

Do you really think, if she wasn’t as pampered as she felt she deserved to be, that Megan Markle was so suicidal she was incapable of calling one of her Toronto or L.A. friends, and saying, “Friend’s name, I am feeling suicidal. Will you find a good psychiatrist and have him get in touch with me immediately, please? Or how about approaching one of the many hospital specialist doctors?

I did not read any of the books on the couple, but I have seen, digested, and interpreted enough.

Where are the facts to back up what Megan says? All she gives is accusations with no specific dates, no specific names, accusing, in essence by not divulging the ENTIRE conversation and context of the word exchange, accusing the entire palace and royal family (and Great Britain) of being racist because of some word exchange? Was it a family member? Was it a footman? A concerned brother? A foolish remark? Oprah confirms it was nothing involving The Queen, or her consort, who has now passed, in the middle of this, so Megan puts ONLY THE REST of the royal family, and staff, as suspects. That is despicable behavior in the best of times, and the truth. Megan’s lies, and exaggerations, are going to surface, and have been, because truth always surfaces.

I want to hear the WHOLE story. During Megan’s acting performance, the RACE card is her big claim, (which Henry says, “I will never talk about.” I suspect she has shut his mouth.”Don’t say anything, and you can’t say anything wrong.” I was raised with a mother who did this to my father. The poor girl wasn’t even provided a hairdresser who could spray her stray hair into place by the country she has abandoned, after having told the Queen only twenty months earlier, “I am here for you.” Another lie. I know all about lies. I grew up with them.

Megan says she did not check out the royal family she was going to marry into–the most famous family in the world. As an actress, auditioning for ANY job, the first thing a PROFESSIONAL (actress not con) does is research. “I didn’t know what I was getting into,” because her primary objective was to marry a wealthy influential British man. Piers Morgan tells of her asking him something along the lines, ‘Tell me how I can find me an influential British man? After using him for her elevation in status. The biggest social climber since Cinderella. And her wonderful producer ex-husband, what he must endure.

That, after she abandoned her last husband, (a successful Hollywood director who was successful before he met her,) got her the audition for ‘Suits’ (one of two of her credits,) and moved to Toronto to film what she calls “MY SHOW.” It was not her show. She was featured in the show, her starring moment a topless scene in which she hump dances another actor. That last third lady we had to put up with for four years really did bring the bar down low. To let her husband know she was divorcing him, the actress mailed her engagement and wedding rings back to him. Apparently, while still dating another man, she latched onto Harry. This is no virgin Diana, and make a comparison in anything than their both having had a difficult time adjusting to a life the difficulty of which no one could possibly imagine. I feel for Megan, as I did for Diana. Diana handled her situation for sixteen years before she spoke out, and she did it with dignity. Megan could only handle it for twenty-two months. Life in a palace is difficult when you want to be Queen, and learn there is room for only one Queen in your new host country.

Queen Elizabeth, for whomever she is, has served her country and the Commonwealth in exemplary capacity for near seventy years. She is a human being born into an extraordinary role which she has played out beautifully, in spite of being human, and known to be not a good mother, but a strong woman in charge of what was once three-quarters of the globe. Megan thought she could step in and be the star. So, boo-hoo, she had to walk behind the Queen. She had to walk behind Prince William, and consort Catherine? Who do you think you are? You knew Harry was, at most, fifth in line.

No one taught you the words to the British national anthem–“God Save the Queen.” The Duchess acts like she is in second grade, with a behavior problem. This is a role in which Megan Markle was mis-cast by a casting director whose thinking was in his pants. I feel so sorry that money, life at the palace, and world travel has hurt you both so, even though you had your passport taken away. Megan’s claims of racism still prove to be dramatically exaggerated.

Queen Elizabeth went out of her way to not only accommodate Megan, (before she even married Harry,) because she saw how happy Harry was in Megan’s presence. Megan saw that, used her charm, and whipped Harry into place, thinking she was going to whip the royal family next, into the 21st Century. For more of my input on that, (son of a whipped 19th Century father,) check out my other posts on this webpage. Please like, share, and thank you for reading.

Queen Elizabeth invited Megan into her home for a family Christmas, before Megan even became a part of the royal family. The Queen assigned her favorite lady-in-waiting, of seventeen years, to Megan. She knew of Megan’s origins, and she treated her more like a daughter than she treated her own daughter, because now she is a grandmother, and has choices among her heirs, and Harry, third in line at best, was always her favorite. All facts aside, I imagine Prince William and his father may feel trapped, but they have the dignity to fulfill the rolls they were born into, and do it with discretion, and they do not air dirty laundry that Harry and Megan could have talked out with the family, NOT claim leaving the country the prince was born into, taking him into exile, claiming they want the Press and paparazzi to leave them alone, then mouthing gripes to over seventeen million viewers in seventy countries–of which I was not one. There are too many ego voices out there today. I consistently ask myself, “Why am I watching this?” Then I choose to listen within, and realize, my grievances keep the light of the world from me.

When in Megan’s presence, (which seems to be always,) Harry appears to have lost his sense of reality, he looks strained, unhappy. His joyful spirit is dampened. He demonstrates the inconsideration, the entitlement of a spoiled brat. Body language tells me he is trapped with Megan, what he saw as HIS ticket out of the trap of falling further and further down the line of succession, as his older brother married, and had children of his own.

I know that pain. I was born a spare, and told so.

I feel for Harry. He wanted a boy. He has a boy now. Engage in child rearing. Read, and learn, both, as this does not look like a happy future for anyone, least of all, baby Archie. Harry, go back home while your grandfather is in the hospital, now that Prince Phillip had passed. Go home to your Granny, who always treated you with a special glove–while she is alive. She awaits you. You will get custody of little Archie. His purpose is not be be Hollywood click bait. He has a far greater purpose to live out.

For more on Entitlement, to understand how difficult it really was for Megan to live at the palace, read about it in the pages of ‘Obsessed,’ book I of the ‘A Boy Alone’ series. I have worked on these books for eighteen years. I hope you enjoy them.

Megan couldn’t make it through two years. Poor woman thinks her star is bigger than it is. She is not the star of this show. There is room for only one Queen in England. Megan must have known where this was heading. I feel for Harry. He grew up knowing he was born a spare. He grew up knowing he would continue to live in his brother’s shadow, every under his brother’s control, and never be king, though the two brothers wished to have traded places since childhood. God bless little Archie.

For more on Harry’s feelings, check out my first book in the ‘A Boy Alone’ series, ‘Obsessed.” Why should Harry want to stick around? Here comes Megan, a fun, attractive woman, (whom I never knew she was racially mixed, until SOMEONE made an issue of it.) That is human nature, to question, to speculate. Why else would the stock market, Wall Street, and Las Vegas exist? Megan captures the prince’s heart, and now he (feels he) HAS to protect her, and his “family.” Understandable, and honorable. But Megan led him to tear down his family, after she tore down hers. Some fall in love, others create love to fall into marriage, fame, and fortune. We cannot have both. Tell the Press to leave you alone, then seek out the press to air your dirty laundry on the biggest venue in the world. I know about that, too. I am the only male, youngest of five girls, son of a 19th century, WWI and WWII U.S. veteran genius who was silenced by my tyrant mother, my dad’s house–our home–under noble German occupation.

As their Ace card, Harry, and wife Megan, are claiming the race card. I seem to remember prince Harry appeared at a public event wearing a Nazi outfit and armband. As the son of my late mother, who suffered under the Nazis, WWII bombings in Berlin, and the worst of all, early 1945-1947, and her carbon copies, I found it offensive, but brushed it off as a young spoiled person who was out of touch with the real world. He did apologize. Entitlement life is not the real world. (See the ‘A Boy Alone’ series.)

So, Megan’s claim of racism holds NO WATER, until she provides some FACTS and NAMES, which, of course, would have a terrible effect upon the royal family, the Crown, Great Britain, and The Commonwealth of nations–something Megan Markle is not intelligent enough to have considered, to have thought over before she flipped the Queen off, who has been so good to her, AND the ENTIRE royal family that has been so good to her, (just to mention the million dollar two hundred thousand dollar plus wardrobe of clothes she has never worn twice, but takes with her, along with so much more wealth,” and the thirty million pound wedding. Und so weiter.

I do not believe in shame, or I would say shame on these people. With Harry’s grandfather in the hospital, now passed, the Queen of an advanced age, people dying of a pandemic–who cares about the troubles and INSECURITIES of two spoiled millionaires who seem so concerned with their own woes to even think of helping out with dignity, not needing the publicity they so boldly say they wish to avoid. Go out and volunteer. Go dig in God’s earth, and I guarantee you, you will no longer feel suicidal. It worked for me, many times.

I know something about depression thoughts, all through junior high. I went out and worked. Should have been studying.

Have your lady in waiting put you into that 4, 200 dollar Versace dress you were wearing, and go feel better. Just showing up is good enough.

At fifteen I found myself in foster homes. I ran away from the hell of Europe’s coal mining Ruhr Valley after abuse. i took charge. It was a horrible hell of unimaginable proportions to me, a boy who had been raised in entitlement, where now I was forced into a strange family’s apartment in a dirty, sooty, noisy city that was being rebuilt–twenty-six years after the end of WWII. Every day, the sky was darkened with soot. After Christmas in Berlin, I ran away. I was a child of fifteen. Megan is a grown woman. She should be able to work through her issues, with help of the royal staff, like an adult.

My point is, I sought help. I lived through three years of wishing I was dead, and I went through it ALONE, in foster homes, torn between two continents, my roots in North Africa, and Europe. At fifteen, I was torn out of the life in a new country I had been adjusting to for five years, and tossed across the pond. I can relate to Harry. I feel for the pain he is still processing over the death of his mother. And Megan has helped him, in this endeavor.

This grown woman, married to a multi-millionaire popular prince, member of one of the most wealthy, influential families in the world, she could not make her own appointment to seek help in her desperation? She couldn’t think of an L.A. or Toronto based therapist who might help her–or refer her to someone? That sounds to me more like a cry for help than a medical emergency. It sounds like the suicide plea was not great enough for either Megan, or her husband Harry to reach out, and FIND help. Unless it is in the military, Prince Harry is apparently not accustomed to taking charge. I know that from my Dad. Harry needs to put on his Big Boy pants. This is a repeat of my parent’s relationship. Except my parents took the “till death do you part” clause seriously, fifty-four years (of arguing, and bickering) until death, short of 103. 204, and the count stopped.

If Megan’s mission is to create compassion, she needs to begin with her own family (awful to her as they may be through her eyes,) but then she CERTAINLY at least, could work things out with her adopted family, a family into which only a fool would enter and not expect to have to make concessions to live within a twelve hundred year institution. What kind of an actress? Comparing herself to Princess Diana, who put up with serious health issues for years, and confirmed infidelities by her husband. She conformed in dignity, while still being charming, a true star who matured before the public’s eyes over a matter of many years. A sweet, young virgin, born into British aristocracy. A girl of shyness, and developed sophistication.

This post is rather redundant, could be clipped, but I simply did not have enough time to make it shorter. Thank you for reading. Please, click like, and share.

Check out the ‘A Boy Alone’ series. Begin with Book I, ‘Obsessed,’ and find out which state is your home, and do you want to stay there, or do you want to branch out, and see the world of Consciousness? Godspeed, and green lights all the way.


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