What can this blog do for me?

Thank you visitor, potential friend, for dropping in. The purpose of this blog is to edutain, enlighten, and heal, beginning with the individual: “If it is to be it is up to me”.  When followed properly, the information on this blog can lead the reader to a new State of Consciousness.  First, I must address the title, chosen in 2011, when I began this blog.  I have neglected this blog since editing the quadrilogy ‘A Boy Alone’.  As a writer, participating in Bea Mitz’s Life Writing group for four years on a weekly basis, along with reading voraciously, has helped my work improve immensely.

First, what are American Values Restored to me? I must think of my nineteenth century father, who loved the American Indian, and stood up for him, and African Americans at a time when it was unpopular to do so.  To me, restoring American values means returning this continent to the American Indians, and only after providing the training necessary for them to do so effectively.  It also means ‘Make America Great’ again, by cleaning out the swamp in our nation’s capital.  The American natives, and the animals who inhabited these plains for centuries, did a far better job as steward than the white man has.

Many years ago, as a public school teacher, I taught my fifth and sixth graders to ‘Question Aurhority’ — with respect.  Respect for self, respect for those we address.  I gave them the option to say the Pledge of Allegiance with a new meaning.  The old one is long worn out.  ‘Liberty’ and ‘Justice’ are not for all.  They are not now, and they never have been.  We have been led astray.  Edutainment, as Education is the only way to save our planet.  Rather than kneel, I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United Nations of the World, and to the republics for which it stands, ALL nations under God, Indivisible in Liberty, with One God for all.

I will get to my Young Adult Trilogy ‘A Boy Alone’ in a moment.  It took sixteen years to write the four books so I am in no hurry.  This blog can make you laugh.  Click the link onto ‘Meck&Miao and Pokey’ to see my canine’s antics with his two toilet-trained cats.
Cats who use the toilet?
A dog who walks on his hind legs, and gives hugs?
A cat who plays the water bowl, and creates nugget works of art?


If you have a service animal or pet training you, you may find interesting tips on how to behave better, and answers to questions like “How much patience do I have to have to teach Fluffy to use the toilet?” or “How can I learn to obey, when my dog commands me ‘Sit.  Down.  Relax, calm’?  My trainer Pokey, will introduce himself here.  He is a pup here.  This August 14th he will celebrate his seventh birthday.  Six years and ten months with Pop, he still turns heads.  He responds with a “See?  I told you” every time he hears the words ‘Cute’ or ‘Handsome’.


There he is at the L.A. River. Success already. I am calm. How easy it is, when I follow His directions. The purpose of this blog is to stretch peoples’ imaginations, one mind at a time, until it infiltrates our schools, our people, our States, and our world.


Tme has taught me the only hope for me to find peace in a home on this plane is to leave it behind for good, no more birth, death, and dis-ease.  And I pray never to run into family.  The Course in Miracles, a book written to assist the serious student to fear and anger with forgiveness and love is my daily guide.  I practice what I preach.  Yes, I make errors, and I work to correct them.
I am the one who is in or out of control.

Here is Meck, putting his best paw forward for you.


Meck follows directions worse than Miao.  Maybe I can change my dog, I think “Pokey sit. Pokey down.  Pokey relax.”
The I take a breath “Alan sit. Alan down, Alan relax.  Om, om, aum, aaauuummm…”

Wanting to be a good parent, I can’t give up just because Miao refuses to flush.  I can’t throw in the towel because Pokey (ridgeback grayhound chihuahua) refuses to change his southern ways. Spiritual mind treatment helps by calming the mind, and calming is healing. Everything is in the mind.

Spiritual mind treatment,
prayer, works when we work it.

I strive to close every post with a spiritual mind treatment, a re-arrangement of my thoughts, to align with my Consciousness, my Higher Power. Treatment is a conscious, direct announcement of what is, followed by acceptance, and letting go.

And now a word from our sponsor:


I too, can be on auto pilot, when I have a purr box laying on top of me.  Note the trompe l’oeil eyes on Meck’s forehead, nature’s design to confuse predators into thinking he is awake.

‘The Law of Success’ by Napoleon Hill, helped me find a harbor in a world in which I had been lost for over fifty years. I was raised by a WWI American Veteran, ‘The soldier in Verdun who never carried a gun” my father translated at the signing of The Treaty of Versailles, at the age of twenty-two.  My father was fluent in seven languages, and spoke them often with my mother, from castle on a lake to bombed out, in Nazi Germany.  With my father’s Uncle Sam supporting us, my parents dragged me along with then across five continents.  Settle and be calm is a high order to fill.

Nap’ (Napoleon)  helped me determine was my intent was.  It took five decades to find my purpose.  Napoleon says “SUCCESS, whatever it is to you, lies in the trilogy.”  For me, ‘Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost’ my trilogy, has led me to write the trilogy ‘A Boy Alone’ so filled with lessons in geography of the United States of Consciousness, laughter, history, culture, agriculture, grammar, foreign thoughts, and a dozen other reasons have turned my trilogy into a quadrilogy  —

At first glance, the potential ‘OBSESSED’ reader will think Book I is two books in one. It is to the reader’s imagination to decide where to tie the beginning to a new end.  Book I of the Young Adult series ‘A BOY ALONE’, is a lesson in human nature, citizenship, royalty, history, geography, psychology, sexuality, character, word power, wit, punctuation, language, humor, philosophy, atque adeo multo, and much more.  Filled with a museum of treasures, the book contains delightful quotes and poems from my 19th Century award winning father, highlighted by the delightful illustrations of talented artist Steve Lubin.

This story is not for they who stop at the second word they do not understand. For anyone who ever wanted to write a book, this series is obligatory reading.  Anyone who ever had a dream that went lost will find delight in these pages.  Step into the palace of Entitlement with the royal Goldspinner family, oversee the gold mines, the State of Abundance.  Join the royal family, as they Tour, in an age of obsessive Abundance, the Sixteen United States of Consciousness.

Book I     ‘Obsessed’ reading sets the stage for the Tour of Consciousness.                                Book II     ‘Hoodwinked’ is the read for questioning boys, girls, and theys.                              Book III  ‘Lost in Confusion’ is written for left over lost questioning adults.                            Book IV   ‘Victory Over Self’ Teachers’ Edition for anyone who ever had a dream.

The treatment of A Boy Alone, story of the twisted life of the early 19th century royal family can be read on this blog.

Train your felines to use the loo, as Miao Le Chat demonstrates for you:


Some people say animals have no soul.  I believe they think this so they can relieve the feeling of guilt for eating creatures with feelings, emotions, and as in the case of the inventor of unconditional love, the dog, so much love.  Anybody who has seen a YouTube video knows animals have personalities, egos, and they develop friendships among other species.  Pokey understands possession, as he whimpers about with a bone in his mouth, looking for a spot to hide it from the felines.  Meck&Miao, recommend you view, and remember to click “Like”:


Miao tells the fly Shoo, while Meck tends to his dental hygiene.


Miao is reading on grade level, in Spanish and German.


‘The New Puppy’ post needs editing, but it’s a cute documentary of Pokey’s invasion into a feline household.  Please feel free to share any information you find on this blog, and please click ‘Like’.  That helps me know what people are interested in.  I appreciate all comments and answer personally.



Life is a mirror. What we put out is reflected back. Thank you for your visit.  Meck&Miao, and Pokey await the opportunity to serve your need for laughter.

To our success, as we make out way back Home,

Alan John Mayer
✝ Goetschkes

* Originally, there were Twenty Commandments, but in his excitement Moses slipped, and let one of the tables fall. If you know the ten we are missing, please let me know, so I can post it for the rest of us.


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  1. The Wise Guy says:

    Let’s arrange meeting for our minds. I’m curious and want to learn more.

  2. Sandy says:

    OMG! Whats happening to me! I’m starting to like your writing! But I am a curmudgen who doesn’t like anything!

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