One of “60 Minutes” old cronies, more specifically Steve Croft, (I had to rewind to check that) was interviewing Italian born, Canadian raised Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne. Marchionne is also the CEO of Fiat, (which he also pulled out from ruin) and the chairman of the European Automobile Manufacturers Association. In 2009, Chrysler was going to file bankruptcy, but last year Marchionne turned a 183,000,000 dollar profit (!!!) and would have made a lot more if they hadn’t decided to pay off their 6 billion dollar (I think that’s nine zeros) federal bailout — six years early. From 200 workers in 2009 to 4,500 in September, 2012? So why have Chrysler employees had to take such drastic pay cuts — just to keep their jobs? Did the workers have anything to do with Chrysler’s success? Feel free to correct me here if I am wrong or out of line, but their commitment had nothing to do with the company’s success.

Sergio Marchionne, who saved Fiat from bankruptcy, and now repeated the task with Chrysler, was asked by Steve Croft, “What were they (the workers) afraid of?” I was certain Marchionne was going to say, “they were afraid that they wouldn’t be able to have a holiday party this year.” But no; get this, he said, “They were afraid of not even being here!” Duh!

And isn’t it about time to cut the tick tick tick tick tick tick tick (the longest seven seconds ever) down from seven seconds to four — or maybe even three? EVEN I don’t have the patience to listen to each of their egos re-re-introducing themselves every week:

“I’m _____. I’m _____. I’m _____. I’m _____. I’m _____. I’m _____. I’m _____.”

Who gives a shit? After watching the program (over my parents’ shoulders) for nearly fifty years, I still don’t know their names because, unless it’s Leslie Stall, Barbara Walters, or Anderson Cooper, I DON’T GIVE A SHIT!!! Just give us the story — not your bloated egos — and stupid questions.

And so it is.

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