After hearing last night’s performance on America’s Got Talent of “Everybody Talks” by ‘Neon Trees’ bleached blond big mouth jumping bean, I felt assured that I must be missing out on something. After doing some further online research, I’ve uncovered the long play version of the song. This will undoubtedly be the next biggest hit among 12 to 24 year old an-alphabetic high school dropouts! Check it out!

As performed last night:

It started with a whisper (that’s good enough to get me interested)
And that was when I kissed her (okay, dude, I’m with you!)
Then she made my lips hurt (alright, I’ll hold out if this is where you’re taking me.)

But then —

Chorus repeat.

Chorus repeat.

Chorus repeat.

Chorus repeat.

I was right. There is more! Here are the lyrics to the long play version:

It started with a whisper.
And that was when I kissed her.
And then she made my lips hurt.
But then she got a blister.
Then she called her little sister.
But she was with the Minister.


Then we called Twisted Sister.
And played a game of Twister.
And then she made a gesture.
And then she called me Mister.
And asked me if I’d fist her.
But all I could do was dis- her.


Then we went to the cistern.
Then she gargled with Lister (SOTO VOCE: ine)
And it ended with another whisper.
And she told me that I’d pissed her.
But then I still missed her.
So I called back her little sister.
But she was still with the Minister.
Talking about her blister.

AND THEN… the chorus again:

It started with a whisper…




Indeed, everybody talks too much! We sure have come a long way since those infantile, unimaginative Beatles songs!

She loves you yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!
And with a love like that, you know you should be glad!

©2012, Mirror Image Presentations


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