Another one of “60 Minutes” cronies, specifically, (let me look this up: Morley Safer, that’s the one) did an excerpt on “Super Sniffers” and “Super Tasters” of Swiss company, Gibedon. These smells and tastes are then translated into irresistable foods and drinks. Mr. Safer accused their CEO of being (partially) responsible for America’s obesity problem. Although I think it’s ridiculous to have forty-two “tastes” of raspberry (my favorite) I think this blame is misplaced.

As one who is addicted to food, I say, “NO!” America’s obesity problem lies not inside the packages of ‘diet’ Fritos on the shelves of your local supermarket, or behind the drive-up windows (God forbid we get out of our cars and walk into the restaurant) but rather in the hands of the people who have to constantly stuff their faces with bigger, better, different — while sipping on a ‘diet’ soda while texting and driving. Nobody is forcing us to order the double double super cheeseburger with bacon and the secret smothering miracle sauce.

I know the feeling of wanting to stuff my face all day long. It’s boredom.

A note here from my own experience: When you see a product that reads: “Fat Free”, expect that to translate on your couch to “Taste Free”.

There is one life.
This life is God.
This life is my life now,
whole, complete, and perfect (when I acknowledge and understand this).
I know I am in control over what I eat. It’s not Burger King, Taco Bell, McDonald’s or who is responsible for my eating habits. If anything, it is a lack of education in our schools.
Or it is I.
I alone accept the responsibility for the move of my hands to my face — and the ensuing weight plan.
Figuratively and literally, I let it go.
And so it is.

©2012, Mirror Image Presentations


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