A NIGHTMARE Christmas Living in the Valley

2012, 2018 Mirror Image Edutainment, Alan John Mayer

This is the first year I have spent the holidays totally alone, that is with my family, Meck, Miao, and Pokey.  Yesterday, Christmas was like a warzone.  First the Angelinos set off firecrackers in the street.  Then came the bombs, followed by the voices of shrieking children, then the ambulance sirens.

Either these MOST inconsiderate neighbors, twenty feet across the drive outside my living room window, have never heard of “Silent Night” or abhore silence.  God forbid we should face ourselves as we celebrate the birth of the greatest healer of All Time, my Lord, Jesus Christ.  I have always said “Los Angelinos are noisemakers” herein lies the proof.

The following day, Christmas Day, these neighbors cleared out their parking lot and set up a Karaoke machine to entertain the neighborhood.  After five hours of ongoing drinking and noise, I called the police.  An hour after my call, at 9:20 p.m., they arrived, as the noise stopped.  All of a sudden, it was quiet.  I think the two times my car was stolen from the lot here may have something to do with this.  I expect some right to peaceful enjoyment of my home, not to be abused by idots.  According to Webster’s Dictionary, and idiot is “one who does not care how his thoughts or actions affect another”.  Wikepedia has updated the word to include “A stupid person, a retarded person”.

The more I know people, the more I appreciate my four-legged friends, Meck, Miao, and Pokey.  Family and friends? My mother did not even call me (in thirty-eight years, she never found time to celebrate her favorite holiday at the beach with me) but she sent me a package containing more shiny crap.  Every year.  Mummy likes things, but not so much Christ.  As her name, Christina means “Little Christ” I never could understand.  Since birth, I have always been too much for her to handle.  What effect on how people relate to me today has that had on my life?

I’ve cut down on eating, especially ice cream.  The result, I lost fourteen pounds.  I found two “new” pants in my closet that fit.  That made me happy.  Now I am working toward fitting into the other ten, hanging with me for years, waiting patiently.

Trite as it seems, “Happy New Year To All”.

God Bless our schools, our teachers, our students, our administrators, our American Democracy.

©2012, Mirror Image Presentations


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