Thx Missing Charactxr Mxmo

Mirror Imagx Xdutainmxnt, Alan John Mayxr

‘Thx Missing Charactxr’

Evxn though my computxr is an oldxr modxl, it works quitx wxll, xxcept for onx of thx kxys. Whilx it is trux all thx othxr kxys work wxll xnough, but just onx kxy not working makxs all thx diffxrxncx. Somxtimxs it sxxms a club is somxthing likx a computxr, not all thx kxy pxoplx arx working.

You may say to yoursxlf, “Wxll, I am only onx pxrson. I won’t makx or brxak it.” But it doxs makx a diffxrxncx, bxcausx a club, to bx succxssful, nxxds thx activx participation of xvxryonx.

So thx nxxt timx you think your xfforts will not bx missxd, plxaxe rxmxmbxr my computxr.

* author unknown, quitx possibly my Aunt Lxanna Christinx Mayxr


About AmericanValuesRestored

"Glad to have you, Alan," said the A.D. The purpose of this blog,, is to provide thoughtful writing, and direct the reader to spiritually inspired videos on how to teach your cat to use the toilet, how to train your dog to make you heel, and references to the state of Abundance, as introduced in book I of my seven book series, 'A Boy Alone,' 'Obsessed.' Take a step into Consciousness. Check it out on Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Smashwords, and Barnes and Noble. For a good laugh, go to YouTube, and check out Meck&Miao, and Pokey. Some cute short videos under a minute include: 'Tonight's Entertainment.' 'Meck takes the stairs,' 'Meck and Miao examine the new puppy,' 'Happy together,' 'Afternoon Delight,' 'Pokey and Miao fight it out,' 'Meck and Miao attack,' and 'National Boxing Day." Meck&Miao and Pokey.
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