A POEM “Working the Twelve Steps”

Mirror Image Edutainment, Alan John Mayer

In working the twelve steps, it occurred to me that while I learned my Aunts Leanna Christine Mayer, and Katherine Eleanore Mayer (neither sister ever married), my Uncle Carl Ehwald Mayer, and cousin Carl Mayer Junior were not okay, I also learned that my father, also a Mayer, was also not okay.

Hence, I legally adopted my mother’s maiden name Goetschkes, thinking it would please my mother and I might obtain her love. It worked in the opposite way. Had I been smart, which I was under the illusion I was but was not, I would have changed my name to:

George James and added a “Junior” to the Mayer, to be blessed like my cousin Carl Mayer Jr..

But I was so much dumber then, I’m smarter than that now, — by only a little.

What a defect in character, the ignorance of my wrath.
I ask for help with Step Number Six
to set me on the right path.
And to prove to you I am serious,
I have written this poem du jour,
In the hope that you will like it,
while I work through Step Number Four.


I keep working the 12 steps.
What else is there to do?
They work for me when I work them.
I am worth the reward, and so are you.

And now I come to pray:
These Twelve Steps they are mine.
These twelve steps they are perfect.
These twelve steps are divine.

I embrace these Twelve Steps now.
They’re at the center of my life.
I know that as I am aware of them,
I remove myself from strife.

I affix them to my finger.
I hang them from my nose.
I tattoo them to my forehead.
I tie them around my toes.

I belt them around my waistline.
I carry them on my back.
I learn them as I use them.
I shall never feel for lack.

When I use them I am learning.
When I apply them it will show.
When I learn them I internalize,
My life’s purpose is but to grow.

These twelve steps are now a part of me.
They are at the core of my every thought.
They encircle me from around and above,
with acceptance, grace, — and love.

I accept my life must be
(if I truly want to soar)
about internalizing these Twelve Steps
and employing them even more.

I accept I must invest my time
with people I might not have taken the time to know,
Strangers I might have judged with regret,
people who helped me love, understand, and grow.

I give thanks for these Twelve Steps,
and the people I have come to know.
I give thanks for how they have changed my life
and for the people who helped me think, change, and grow.

I give thanks for all those who have listened
to my tapes as I walk the path,
back to God as I understand Him,
away from my strife, my wrath.

Back to love and understanding I move,
as I walk these Twelve Steps with my rod.
I know there is only one path to walk
as I make my way back Home to God.

I release my thoughts and feelings.
What I put out returns to me.
The Twelve Steps as I send them out
return in mul-ti-pli-ci-ty.

And here the Twelve steps meet
the internalized thoughts behind this poem.
The end of this prayer
the beginning of a new life,
as with God’s love I return to my Home.


© 2013 Mirror Image Presentations Edutainment, Alan John Mayer


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