“A Question about my Rebate, Miss, please.”

2018 Mirror Image Edutainment, Alan John Mayer

Today I bought a ream of paper at Staples. The listed price was $3.99, clearly posted. When the cashier rang it up the amount came to over $7.00.  I have taught myself to get into the habit of thinking before I hand over money. “Seven dollars” I said “It’s priced at $3.99”.
“That’s after the rebate” said the cashier.
“Rebate?”  I was disillusioned “Games with papers and receipts and codes and numbers to transfer. How much is the rebate?” I ask.
Over a minute, she looked through the three long receipts she had just handed me while behind me in line, people waited.
“That is what I mean” meaning the inability to figure out how to get the rebate “So much work for so little outcome”.

If only I had somebody who thinks it’s worth three dollars to spend half an hour filling out paperwork to get me my three dollar refund.

Americans, and the games we are forced to play in the name of the United Corporations of America.  I like the European way: give people a fair price for a good quality product, but then, when in Cologne, do as the Romans did. Or is that Rome?


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