2018 Mirror Image Edutainment, Alan John Mayer

I finished the test without reading any of the material or studying, missed two questions, and got an 88%. From my mistakes I have learned: * a depth of 1/8″ tread is required on automobile tires, not 1/32″. * The HOV lane is reserved for vehicles with more than two occupants, and also for alternate fuel vehicles. That’s an idea I support, now that I have been made aware.

My favorite stupid questions:
When you see a school bus stopped on the side of the road with lights flashing you should:
* stop and wait until the bus proceeds.
* honk your horn and flash your lights as you pass slowly.
* smile and wave at the children as you pass the bus.
* none of the above.

When backing up you should
* look only through your rear view mirror.
* turn and look through the rear window and proceed with caution.
* step on the accelerator to be sure you hit your mark right.
* look back through a small pocket mirror for increased visibility.

With questions like this, it is no wonder we have so many accidents, and so many people confused about right of ways, rules, and regulations of the road. Most of it is simple respect, but the general public needs a course in that as well. Sign Lincoln Navigator, and Cadillac Escalante drivers up first. Now I am going to see what I must do to submit my passed exam results, so I can get back to what I really want to do — write, and okay, edit.

My review of the test:
Fast? Yes.
Fun? No.
Easy? Yes, Pokey took it for me.


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