WRITER’S CAVEAT: This post has not been edited since 2012. I make no apologies for excessive use of the words have, had, that, missing or misplaced commas, and excessive use of exclamation points.

“Kicks just keep getting harder to find,” sang Paul Revere and his Raiders in 1967. I just watched an episode of Dragnet from the same year, 1967. The topic was high school kids shoplifting merchandise to become eligible to join gangs. Just the sort of behavior my reading refers to over and again, as it relates to our school children not receiving the attention they need and deserve. All of society’s problems find root in the early years of childhood development. We as a society have failed, and continue to fail our kids. Though my opinion was unpopular, I said this when I became a teacher, and I say it today, we need to provide our kids with the attention and mind stimulation experiences they need to not get lost in the system.

I applaud California Governor Jerry Brown for balancing the state budget, pulling the state away from bankruptcy, and making a major investment in the state’s education over the coming seven years. His budget adds progressively, year by year, to the price paid for each tiny little head that attends school. Go Jerry! Still, I feel I a need for all of us to speak up. We need more people to hear it than just you three wise, discerning readers of my blog.

If all the killings won’t speak to the conscience of our nation, we must feel called upon to spread the word: All of societies problems have birth in the early years of childhood development, unsupervised in our homes, and in our failing schools. Even the best schools are lacking in stimulation. School, the one common denominator we all share, has become the object of attack by some misguided people who, frustrated by the education they received, are misdirecting their anger at the schools and its occupants, rather than the politicians in Congress and state capitals. They feel angry at the schools because they let them down, when they should feel move through their anger at the politicians who cut education. We can start with Mr. Reagan.

Most likely, these kids reached out countless times to adults who were either performing their jobs without conscience, or were tied by rules and regulations that would have cost them their jobs, had they acted on behalf of these children. We must protect teachers who reach out, rather than prosecute them. We must change our laws at they relate to the rights of children, rights that aren’t even outlined for them. Each one of us must feel called upon to speak out on behalf of raising public awareness. Thank you for reading. Now, to my spiritual mind treatment.

There is one life.
This life is God.
This life is perfect.
This life is my life now.

I speak my word for myself and anyone who cares about our children, our communities, our world. When we take a breath and go within, when we think before we act, the world is blessed with love and caring kindness, rather than plagued by our anger. We have been told to love our enemies, so I will continue to work on that. We need to support our teachers, our schools, and all those who give care to our children (and misdirected, under-represented adults), as well as those who need to take the care for themselves. I know a world of sanity, a caring world exists in the mind of God now. I know this because I am aware that my word is divine cause. It is as I speak. I must remember this with each breath.

I accept all as it is, neither good, bad, nor indifferent.
I release my thoughts back into the universe from where they came.
I let it all go as I focus on the present.
And so it is.



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