The Kingdom in my Head — Le Roiyaume Dans Ma Tête

©2012, Mirror Image Presentations

Here’s a thought: A Day Early and A Dollar Extra:

Today, this new day, I claim my Kingdom. As Sovereign of My Thoughts, I free all of my subjects from past internal control, domination and manipulation. I command my subject thoughts to retreat from the dead ends and cul-de-sacs of my mind, and direct them onto the Traîne de Grand Vitesse, the Schnellstraßen and Autobahn in the fertile fields of my Kingdom.

As Sovereign, the guards at the gate of my Inner Place of The Most Holy stand alert to allow only proactive thoughts to enter. Reactive and neactive thoughts are not permitted entrance.

As Sovereign, I offer my subject thoughts my friendship; I stand before them in support of my thoughts, backed with Jesus of Nazareth, and everyone I have ever loved.

As Sovereign, I have found a new respect for listening to my subject thoughts, even when I find myself disagreeing with myself.

I command my thoughts to align all of my degrees, competencies, knowledge and wisdom to move my work forward, spreading love and forgiveness. I choose to stop, acknowledge, and answer the call of that little voice that nudges me, “you are never alone. I am here.” I agree to listen to the call of my thoughts, respond to them with loving patience. I harness that omnipresent shadow that follows me. I place Him behind me that He may offer me shade while I step out into His light.

As Sovereign, I know the work I do internally guides me to think pro-actively and create the results I want.

Dans ma tête, at the regular Committee gatherings of all the subject thoughts under the jurisdiction of my King, I stand as Sovereign head of state, at the base of the throne, upon which He sits, overlooking, guiding me.
I command that George speak up;
I banish all thoughts that do not support the greater vision of what my life is.

With forgiveness and understanding, I command these thoughts to move me forward, knowing my life is unfolding perfectly. I know Godspeed before me is filled with joy and harmony.

Il n’y a q’un vie.
Cette vie est Dieu.
Cette vie est parfaite.
Maintenant, cette vie est mon vie.
Je rende grâce
Je libérer.
Je laisse tomber.

Ainsi il est donc.


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