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My life has been unfolding perfectly, as I repeat my pirated affirmation, my life is unfolding perfectly. The way before me is made clear. The road is filled with joy, and harmony, even though right now, I have never lived in more miserable conditions, in a more beautiful apartment, surrounded by more noise.

Some time ago, a friend I call Adam invited me to lunch. We agreed to meet at McDonald’s. With little else but cookies, and the filet of fish burger (which I tell myself is more of a vegetable than any living creature; does a fish patty look like an animal to you?), McDonald’s has the best steaming hot fries — but you must say,

y repetir, por favor:

“Please make sure the fries just came out of the frier. I have a long drive home.” Whether you do or not. Then, if one is in the drive through lane, one must not allow oneself to feel pressured into dancing to the tune of the horns behind. Remember, you are in the lead. Listen to your own tune, check the bag before you drive off.

* Are my cookies in the bag?
* Is the cup filled with ice, even though I specifically asked for “no ice”?
* Did they toss in a fork for my salad?

I arrived early, and watched, as Adam parked his big blue Buick. A busload of tourists climbed out of an even bigger yellow school bus, for their drink and drain session. The crowd of overweight watchers waddled through the double glass doors, each wanting to be first in line at this fine American culinary establishment. Others milled about the soft drink machines, filling their vessels with refreshment.

Adam, who is always running ahead to hurry up and wait, ordered himself into the shortest line. I, Kleiner Kavalier I was bred to be, stepped into the restroom. Returning with clean hands, I stepped back into line, and realized, with six orders ahead of us, this was a perfect time to breathe, as if there is ever not a perfect time to breathe. I looked at Steve, studying the brightly lit menu board, took a deep breath, and was immediately transported to an assaulting memory passing by the perfume counter at a mall. It was then I realized, each of these tourists was blessing me with what s/he thought to be

the best smell on earth.

Personally, for me, one smell alone clashes with my small personal space in the ether. I prefer gardenia blossoms, in the privacy of my own bathroom, when my olfactory sensors signal my brain it is time to reach for the can of air freshener. I focused. We are all one, I thought, a challenging concept, but the more I embrace it, the more I feel it. I keep reminding myself, we are all one.

“We are all one,” I said to Adam.

Without taking his eyes off the menu board, with alacrity, (a cool word I picked up from easy reading 19th century author, Horatio Alger, meaning without delay) Adam replied, “Yes. Nix all the elbows shoving one another, cancel the smelly perfumes, silence all the chattering voices, remove the sight of them, and eventually all you are left with is ether.”

Oh, to be Helen Keller, I thought.

Then I thought again. Adam’s insight was brilliant. Remove the undesirable, and all you have left is ether. It made me think, something I have spent too much time doing in the wrong cul-de-sacs, and dead ends of my mind, but I am not going to beat myself up. Rather, I pat myself on the back, and tell myself how beautiful I am.

“Life is beau-ti-ful. Ze orchestra is beau-ti-ful; even ze girls are beau-ti-ful.”

My thoughts move away from the dead ends, circuitous routes, and cul-de-sacs of my mind, past the confines of the cabaret. With alacrity, I merge onto the freeway of my mind that leads me forward onto the Autobahn, forward,

immer Vorwärts.

There is One life.
This life is God.
This life is perfect.
This life is my life now.
I accept this life.
I know right thought, right word, right action
moves me into acceptance.
and release.

And so it is. My life is blessed.



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3 Responses to WE ARE ALL ONE

  1. Reblogged this on AmerIcanValuesRestored and commented:

    You deserve a break today.

  2. Christina G. Trevino says:

    I really like this post, Alan.
    So, you go to those places to gather the ultimate lunch and then do you eat in the middle of obnoxious tourists?
    How quaint.
    But more exciting than my actual life.

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