An Idea Held Firmly In Mind

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For a lifetime I carried with me some very damaging beliefs induced by a jealous controlling much older sibling. Sadly, already a professional babysitter by age ten, I was left under her care. Without having been raised with a belief in God, and unmonitored by any adults, I incorporated her ideas into my own belief system. This sibling also taught me dried coconut was dried worms and avocados were poisonous, only to younger boys. For years I believed what I was told (everyone older than I was obviously wiser, or so I believed) and lost out on my share of cake and guacamole.

In Wallace D. Wattles’ book, “The Science of Being Great” he writes:
“No sooner does a man awaken his soul and enter on the advancing way than he finds that not only is God for him, but nature, society, and his fellow men are for him also: and all things work together for his good if (when) he obeys the law. I wasn’t obeying the law, and so I lived my life by the authority of others. But that was yesterday, and today I live my life by my own authority, or at least I try to.

Wallace continues:

“Any man who develops the power to perceive truth, and who can show that he always knows the right thing to do and that he can be trusted to do the right thing, will be honored and advanced; the whole world is looking eagerly for such men. I’m sure Wally meant to include girls too.

Many years ago my teacher, Reverend Dominic Polifrone, said to me, “Alan, the whole world is cheering you on and you are listening to the last person in line who is saying, “Boo!”

Now I say, “Boo who?” My affirmation: What I seek seeks me. Jesus is my best friend. He guides my every thought, word and action. With Jesus at my side only good can come to me because only good goes forth from me. The way is made clear before me and it is filled with joy and harmony.

One life.
Give thanks.

And so it is.


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