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Today, I lived through the fear I recognized I was in (false evidence appearing real) and quite honestly still am in, only today I consciously stepped through. Then I sat on the sofa, and sang Sunday’s Service program. As I did, I paused, and highlighted key phrases like, “I am only here for God.” Inspired, I went to a mirrored wall and asked myself: “‘Who are you?’ I really mean, ‘Who are You?'” After making several faces like a monkey I once observed in a zoo, I flexed what muscles I have, and told myself how beautiful I am.

Suddenly, looking back at me from the mirror, I was struck by the answer:

“Oh My God!!!” I am God. I am Faktorowicz, Sheetka, and all the other people who have been playing with my mind all these years on stage, on film and in my head. Having gotten to know Sheetkab last Sunday brought me that much closer to understanding that indeed, there is One God and She is “in everyone of us … to be free, find your heart, open your eyes and see, etc…” To a statement that Lily lives in my head, Reverend James added, “perhaps that’s the problem.” Yes, it was a problem and your insight into the matter brought to light a solution for me.

If I needed any proof that everything is indeed in the now, never have I been as aware of my fears as after today’s mirrored viewing which was now just yesterday instead of now’s now. I am no longer afraid except for when I am afraid and in such case I make a conscious choice to go through the false evidence appearing real rather than to circumvent it. Of course, I am not speaking about burning my finger on a hot stove.

God was not a part of my child rearing experience, even though He was anyway de facto. My 19th Century Dad didn’t like the bad press that God had received and so he preferred to use the term Mother Earth whereas my Weimarian Mummy preferred to use the term Dior. How tiresome that search for bigger, better, different became, always having to figure out where next season’s hemline would fall.

Consciously, I have known that every step I take closer toward God has distanced me further from my beautiful loving mother and family. Just for today, I am beginning to understand that when I reach upward to plug my instrument in, instead of outward toward whichever person happens to be in front of me, or a new car, a nice house, a great lover, a new set of brass sailor buttons or or or

I can make myself ready to step beyond what was previously a core belief. That core belief kept me enslaved to living my life out of the authority of some who had proven themselves unable of receiving my gift. The whole world is applauding me and I no longer hear the boos at the end of the line. From the great teacher Helen Keller I learned that I can let overhead helicopters and car alarms go and that includes boos too. Thank you, Helen. It only took me half a century to begin to accomplish that which you mastered in infancy.

To paraphrase author Wallace D. Wattles, “a man without an open soul is like a tree or a flower deprived of water or sunlight, withering away.” I don’t want to be that flower. I want to be a willow that doesn’t weep. Yikes!!! Did I really write this? That’s my bla-g bla-g bla-g.

Now to our prayer:

There is one life.
This life is God.
This life is perfect.
This life is my life now.
I know without a doubt my life is unfolding perfectly before me. The road ahead is filled with joy and harmony. I must step out of the way, and allow the bigger person to emerge from within. This bigger person within is God, omnipotent. Wallace tells me I can access this anytime I choose. If Wally can, so can I.
I accept about myself and I love myself in spite of myself. I accept this because I know without a doubt, that in the mind of God
it is already done.
I release.
I let go.
And so it is.



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