Pokey — A Grey ChihuaRidgeWhipHound?

2018 not edited, Mirror Image Edutainment, Alan John Mayer

So many times, I hear: “Oh, what a cute puppy! What kind of dog is he?”  Pokey has a greyhound frame, a Rhodesian ridgeback’s mohawk, and a chihuahua’s face with a bit of Whippet for good measure.

When Pokey (the muttcurr) and I met, on October 14th, 2011, an ignorant person at the kennel had placed a label on the twelve week old puppy: pitbull. How unfortunate, I thought, to have a label placed upon you and be stuck with it for life, unless someone, usually a Savior (the one we all await) steps in. It reminded me of the labels a teacher I once substituted for had placed upon her readers: Rockets, Gliders and Dumptrucks.


Pokey began life (incorrectly) labled by a falsely labeled human being. This is not a pitbull, I thought, as he wiggled his butt in my face, and wet the newspapers in the cage. Every time we visited the dog park, people asked the same question

“What kind of dog is that?”

Asleep at last

Asleep at last

So Pokey and I sat, down, stay, did our research, and found as many possibilities as there are kernels in a bag of Kibbles & Bits. Finally, he and I concluded, his frame comes from his Italian greyhound grandmother. His spine was given him by his Rhodesian Ridgeback father. And for attitude and fierce display, the proud Chihuahua face comes from his mother, and the Whippet smile he has from some distant cousin. It all makes for a very fast dog, with rising Mohawk when prompted to bark, which means whenever there is a noise.

A man showed up at the dog park with two Italian greyhounds, ninety percent the size of Pokey, and they raced around for fifteen minutes, chasing each other. When the man left with his greyhounds, he said to me, “your dog is faster than my greyhounds.” He was right. You never know who you are taking home with you when you visit a kennel, or a bar.
Our progress is moving forward. The bark became a growl, which became a muffled growl, and we’re still working on it. Truth revealed: Pokey is a Greyridge Chihuawhiphound, part Italian, part Rhodesian, and part Mexican. Just like me.

Don’t take my word for it. Google Meck&Miao.


Here you see them catching a wink, as they wait for something on Pokey to fink. I strive to create value in every post I write. I was taught every work is a signature of the artist, please let me know if I am right. If you find value here, please click ‘like’, and share it on your Facebook page. If you find a mistake, please comment. As for your blog, I am still researching it, and hope to finish before I expire.

Pokey says it is now time for a treat.

There is one life.
This life is God, no matter what name I call him.
Italian Ridgeback, Rhodesian Greyhound, Mexican Chihuahua, or Whippet,
Pokey by any other name remains a Pokey.
This life is perfect.
This life surrounds me now in the animals, the trees, minerals and rocks.
I accept, knowing I need not understand.
All is good. All exists to serve me, to propel me forward that I may serve.
As I move through my day, I aim to remember this.

Nothing less than self-worth followed by happiness result from alignment with this awareness.

I give thanks I have control in the way I can think thoughts that create peace.
It is my job to seek this peace out, and display it outwardly.
God be with Pokey,
with you, and also with me.
I release right thought, right word, right action.
I expect good.
As I think, so I am.
My word is Divine Cause.
And so it is.



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