₤Ô❤ε awaits me wherever I go.

For years, in spite of my visual receptors showing me otherwise, I have been affirming:

“Wherever I go, love awaits me.” Then I changed it to “wherever I go, love awaits me. My job is to seek it out.” Surrounded by abusive, loud neighbors who spent their nights playing war games underfoot, often, it didn’t seem that way.

After Friday’s court appearance, I better understand my affirmation, and the process. It is not in others I find the love. It is in me myself I must seek and find. I was disappointed in myself. I really should have more control over my mind. I ask myself,

“Is this a lesson in personal responsibility, or what? I seek love out. wherever I go, love awaits me. My job is to seek it out, no matter how deep I have to dig.

Amen to the broken caps key (that has since been repaired, and its effect rendered unnoticeable).


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