Back from Denver a week now and here I sit.

AUTHOR’S CAVEAT: This post was written during my broken caps key phase. It will be edited after Alone comes to light.

right off, let it be known my caps key is broken until i get it fixed, and unless it is God, no one, no city, no day of the week or even person gets a cap. Lekt mich, all ihr deutsche, lick me, all you germans with all your capitalized nouns1 got it? IF I, OOPS, SEE WHAT HAPPENS, see what happens… when i do use the caps button? it gets stuck. if i reaaaly want to make a point, such as a major catastrophe like a tsunami or the end of the world, i will make the effort to capitalize the number one 1 to reveal !, an exclamation mark.

i was aske in the airport, on my way to denver, by a fellow traveler, ‘how is it to travel with three 9albeit well behaved0 animals/’ i handed her my card, and said, if you check my blog in a week, i’ll let you know, as i pulled pokey back. it’s now been two weeks and i have allowed the world outside my doors to draw me into its madness rather than to blog. now i take a moment to myself to answer this kind lady’s question, ‘how is it to travel with three 9service0 animals?

my animals were AMAZING! see what hapened, i used the caps button1 not a peep, not a poop, not a growl or a bark out of them — and that was only the two cats. i can’t say they purred but pokey did. the airline insisted i have them in two separate cages, even though as soon as we had passed through tsa, yes they took my cats and puppy aside to inspect them1 they were more comfortable being led to their deaths in one cage. i can only imagine what they were thinking. maybe they were being taken away because they pooped aside the toilet or in the sink instead of in the toilet. who knows/

we were assigned a window seat, and pokey spent half the flight looking out the windows. the other half he spend on the lap of david, the nine year old boy who sat between me and his mother on the aisle. it was literally a drag to take the cats along, but i was planning a visit that would last months, and a friend, Christina Trevino, who would have taken care of the cats for me, died the day we were leaving for Denver.

Lousy timing but she appeared not to have been in pain. i hadn’t seen her in three years since we met weekly for a writing class, and just two days earlier she had come by to pick up a microwave oven. she was several years my junior, and looked healthy. two days later, she had checked out, Christina Trevino, my biggest fan, who shone brighly for the few years she called me her friend. now we must carry on the light, knowing that at any moment, life can change to death, when we may least expect it. i think that often when i sit here watching tv and choke on a piece of food. pokey sits here and looks at me, waiting for the moment to bark for help. what, co-dependency me? get on.

the cats spent most of their time in denver under the blankets. pokey was hopping 9and hoping0 for snow, but we left denver the day before the flakes fell. i must praise the employees of united airlines. from beginning to end, the entire experience, along with flying with my three animals in the cabin at my feet and on my (neighbors) lap, TO THE OOPS1 to the two colas the flight attendant gave me to make up for the two the tsa took for their lunch break, they created a better than bearable experience.

i hadn’t flown in nearly a decade, and expected the worst. it was far less worse than i thought i might be; it was actually fun and they did everything to take any stress off of me, including providing me with a smooth rolling cart 9i touched it and it rolled1. they TSA even had me drink of the water in my bottle, still would not allow me to keep the nearly full bottle. that annoyed me, but over all, the tsa were very good with my shoes, my computer, my animals, and my carry on, my jacket, my belt… i got it all back undamaged.

i learned they really mean it when they charge for overweight luggage. many a time i charmed myself out of paying overweight baggage fees to and from europe; no more. i had to fork over portraits of franklin, jackson, and lincoln to get my bag on the flight. on the way back, i had manage to lose enough weight to tip their scale by half a pound, which they let slide, but the flight attendants, even the one member of the hundred million mile club, were friendly and renewed my kindred love for flying. now i need to do it first class. how far along the way might that be? with the cats at home in their condos donde viven, and pokey by my side, we step gracefully into expressing our co-dependency, openly and in public, without shame. so what if he’s a different breed. if you could see him through my eyes, he wouldn’t look Rhodesian at all.

and so i say,
there is one life.
this life is God.
this life is my life now.
i feel this unconditional energy flowing in, around and through me. i choose to call this energy God. my father preferred the term mother earth or mother nature. an entity by any other name remains an entity. i believe, as i align myself to flow freely with and through this energy, allowing it to flow through me, i can create a world for myself that is easier, more peaceful, calmer. i focus on this, the seven eternal verities of life; love, joy, peace, beauty, harmony, strength, wisdom, and understanding. by speaking these words, i align my mind, my thought,s, my heart with its essence.
i speak my word, knowing that the universe hears my call and responds in kind, multiplied good. i speak only good, therefore i hear only good. for this, i give thanks.

my word is divine cause. i accept this. i embrace it. i let it go and say with gratitude,

and so it is.



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