Grandma’s Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe

Step 1: Buy a turkey, big and plump.
Step 2: Pour one cup of whiskey (scotch or JD) into measuring cup.
Step 3: Put turkey in the oven. Don’t forget to put it in the pan first.
Step 4: Take a sip of whiskey, and set the 375 degrees at oven.

5: Take two more whiskeys of drink, and turn oven to on.
6: Turk the bastey, and take of whiskey three more drinkies.

Whiskey of another cup pour, sip yourself as baste turkey.
Stick the turkey in thermometer.
Baste the whiskey for floor and a half hours then take the oven out of the thermometer, and stick turkey with oven to check temperature. Don’t the mitts forget.

7: Floor the turkey off the pick, wipe clean, and garnish.
8: Set the sable and pour yourself a glass of turkey. Serve drunk hot and carvey.
Bless the saying, pass, and eat out.

May all have a safe, blessed Thanksgiving.

kinda dumb, so the author is unknown.


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