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A few years back, okay many, I told Mummy I was going to host a party to celebrate my upcoming 50th birthday, expecting her to say,

“you told me you don’t have any money. How can you afford a party?”

But I underestimated her. What she said was, “You told me you don’t have any more friends. You said they all died. Do you think it’s wise for you to have a party?”

“What I said” I said, “was all of my longtime closest friends are dead.”

“Well, what if someone needs to use the toilet?” she asked.
“What about it?”
“Well, what if one of your cats is on the toilet?”
“I’m sure if they wait long enough, the cats will finish their business, or be brushed off the seat.”

Read on for more quips from Mummy’s lips.

Unwittingly, she gave me the title to my new book, not soon enough to be released, entitled
You Told Me Your Friends Are Dead; Should You Be Having A Party?

Amen to all my dead ones.
And my alive friends. We should have a party.
Every day.


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