In one afternoon, Rosie Ann True teaches me, age 7, about Jesus Christ and Sex

Rosie Ann True © 2012, 08/07/2018, Alan John Mayer, Mirror Image Presentations

In 1963 I was seven, living in Stuttgart, Germany. Our six-year old neighbor, Rosie Ann True, was six, youngest of seven Catholic sisters.

One afternoon Rosie and I were in the community playroom on the fourth floor attic of our apartment building. I had been raised without any religious instruction, and Rosie was going to give me my first, followed with my first lesson in sex education. One day she told to me about the little baby Jesus. I had no idea what she was talking about.  The ‘family’ celebrated Christmas, but it was all about chocolates and gifts.

“You mean you’ve never heard about the Little Baby Jesus?”
“No” I shook my little head “Who is the Little Baby Jesus?”

I listened intently, as Rosie told me about the star of Bethlehem, three Wise Men, and the Little Baby Jesus.  Then she tied two topics together “Do you want to see what I can do with a string?”

I had no idea what she was talking about again, but Rosie had an idea.  She pulled a wad of string out of her pocket, let her dress fall to the ground, and pulled down her panties. She rolled the string into a ball, like a magician.  Then she spread her legs, and stuck the string in a hole.  I had never seen such a thing, not since birth, anyway.  I was captivated.  I watched, as she twirled, and pulled the string out, like I imagine today one of her older sisters would have done with a tampon..

Fascinating.  “Why can’t I do that?”
“Take off your pants” she pulled up her panties.
“I can’t.”
“Then show me your underwear.
“I can’t.”
“Let me touch you between the legs.”
“No, I can’t.”
By now, Rosie was hot and bothered.
“I guess I can let you touch me” I gave in.

I let Rosie touch me between the legs, and that was my first religious training, balanced with my first lesson in sex education. In one memorable afternoon, I had been introduced to magic, my Savior Jesus Christ, and Rosie’s talent.

I often wonder about Rosie.

There is one life.
This life is God.
This life is my life now.
I am One with this energy.
I accept.
I give thanks for my blessings.
I release my word, knowing thoughts return to me multiplied.



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2 Responses to In one afternoon, Rosie Ann True teaches me, age 7, about Jesus Christ and Sex

  1. Sandy Goss Norell says:

    Good to hear you’re still at it. A neighbor about six discovered she could push a berry up her nose and make it come out her mouth. I think your story is a bit more interesting …

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