The Cursing Parrot Across the Street in West Hollywood has Freedom of Speech

Why do some people try to prevent others from being allowed to express our First Amendment Right? All people want to avoid suffering. All people want peace, so says Tenzin Gyatso, the Dalai Lama. We must all work together for peace.

Let there be peace of earth, and let it begin with me. It’s in every one of us to be free. We must find our heart, open our eyes and see. We can all have everything without ever knowing how, it’s in every one of us, here and now.

It’s in every one of us. i just remembered. It’s like I’ve been sleeping for years. I’m not awake as I can be, though my seeing is different. I can see though the tears…

Words not mine, “It’s in Every One of Us” written by David Pomeranz.



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