Thunder, Lightning, the way you love me is frightening…I said a Knock on Wood

last edit 8/23/2018, Alan John Mayer, Mirror Image Presentations.

After scrubbing my rake leopard rug clean, two days ago I hung it on the back yard clothesline belonging to the landlady.  Around four o’clock this morning Pokey shifted, and growled. I heard a terrible thunder overhead, and wondered who upstairs was in a foul mood again. Lightning cracked the sky, thunder roared, as I looked out the window, and saw buckets of rain pouring down onto my almost dry faux leopard skin rug.

I jumped out of bed, reached for my jacket, and hastily flopped into the most accessible footwear I could flip into. I slipped a cap over my head, and thought, You really should take the umbrella.  As I reached for the brolly with one hand, the door handle with the other, God spoke, and I happened to be listening.

“Alan, my precious child” He said “picture yourself trying to hold onto the umbrella while you try to drag what is essentially a fifty pound rain saturated sponge fifty feet to the locked laundry room door.”

“I had better take the keys.”

“Do you want to get your favorite jacket dirty?”

Little Alan replied “But, God, I can set the umbrella aside, while I drag the rug into the laundry room”.

“And the gate, the locks, the keys?  Do you want to risk slipping in those flip-flops on the painted wet cement surfaces?  Sign up for the pneumonia lesson again?  Think of the anger, when she sees her sopping wet laundry room floor, and she has to reach for her bucket and mop.”

I pictured the image of her anger “Oh, God, you are right”.

“Forget her, my precious child, and go back to sleep.”

Little Alan slipped back under the covers.  The dog re-positioned himself to comfort, and the cat curled her butt in his face, reminding him not to get airs.  The thought of the lesson of the day from A Course in Miracles came to mind, as I drifted back to sleep.  I accept my part in God’s plan for my salvation.

To me, this lesson, #98 from A Course In Miracles, means I shift my train to thought to God, when He says “Take five minutes out of every hour to prepare for the glory of the other fifty five minutes” rather than listening to the voice, little Alan, the speaking ego.


“You have made more than a thousand bad judgments because of your unwillingness to listen” I paraphrase the lesson, as I understand it “Now shut up, and listen.”  If it is to be it is up to me. If the job is to be done, it must be up to number One.  Father Mother God, from whose lips all things come into being, may we be truly grateful for that which we are about to receive.  I send love ahead because that is what I am.

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