Make America Great Again — Clear the Swamp

Alan John Mayer  © 8/23/2018, Mirror Image Presentations.  This post was originally written in 2012, “Make America Sane Again”.

Dear Reader,

I know it seems an absurd thought to have as ones goal the return of the United Corporate States of America to the American Indian. As a teacher, I have such a goal. It is my mission to house and educate seventy hundred American Indian boys and girls, recruited primarily from reservations, in seven well staffed beautiful school homes spread about the country that they may learn to educate themselves.

Many say the American Indian has no motivation. I often have not found motivation, and I am labeled American by having intruded upon their land as a young boy.  Individuals deserve the right to prove themselves as individuals. I wish to help the American Indian take back their continent, one mind at a time. If only in part, one is a start. One mind at a time, one child at a time, this mission can be accomplished. But based on my ancestral genes, I have only fifty years in which to accomplish this. I want it done, and we are slowly moving forward.

Align with the idea it is possible to return society to sanity. But it takes belief and that belief may never be realized until consciousness is lifted.  We need one hundred times as many teachers, and two thirds fewer administrators than are employed in our school systems today. One must not be on a school district payroll to be a teacher. We are all teachers. Every day, every moment, I strive to judge less, fail less, love and accept more, accomplish more.

As I wrote before, the white invaders (among them my race of pink men) have been totally irresponsible managing Mother Nature’s resources. I believe the only way we can restore sanity on the continent is by placing faith in those who carry in their blood and spirit the respectful mores and values of their ancestors.  With this updated edit, I changed my mind.  The only way we can restore America to greatness is by clearing out the swamp in our nation’s capital.

Human beings have within us the power to do amazing things. But nothing can be accomplished as long as our primary concern for the bottom line is money.  The older I get, the smaller my carbon footprint.  Abraham Lincoln said “A house divided cannot stand”.  He also forewarned “I believe the American people can overcome any adversity, as long as they are give the right facts”.


There is a huge price we, animals, and nature pay for having lost our minds to industry, advertising, and commerce. Our bottom line must include not only dollar figures, but dignity, justice, and a worship of God.  Everyone worships the same God.  Even Atheists.

We must develop a respect for the many species of animals we have pushed off their land, the life in the sea, getting tangled up in our plastic trash, impeding migrations that have taken place for thousands of years, now seriously endangered, because of greed.

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I send love ahead because that is what I am.  Amen.


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