Thanks & Gratitude

©2015, edit 8/24/2018, Mirror Image Presentations, Alan John Mayer

Stuck in traffic at Sunset and La Brea, I watched a man set up his tent on the sidewalk. Five o’clock traffic was at a standstill. I watched, as he arranged the few possessions he had.  I reached into my wallet, folded three dollar bills into a small square, (all I had) and tossed it to him.

“Hey” I yelled.  He looked up, and saw Pokey staring at him out the passenger window, tongue wagging. “Oh my God” he exclaimed “Thank you”.  I felt embarrassed I had no more to share.  I felt small.  The light turned green, and traffic started to move.  His gratitude reminded me how good I have it.  He stayed on my mind all day.  After I had been to the bank, I returned to the intersection, a few blocks from my home, to give him more.  The tent was zipped closed.  I wished I had given more.

All I could do was calm my conscience and pray the man, along with millions more homeless across the country and around the world are in a better place.

Just three dollars made this destitute man spring to life with thanks, as if the hundred dollar bill I wish I could have given him dropped from the sky.  It was not money that made this man so thankful, it was surprise where there was no expectation, knowing he had been noticed, and someone cared enough to perform a small act of kindness.

I try daily to practice senseless acts of beauty and kindness.  Often I must remind myself.  The first step is recognition, and love for life.  God bless our Home.  God bless the people.  God bless the animals.



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