A BOY ALONE — Timeline From Birth of Prince Aloneous Bonheur — 1924 — 2000 plus

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This is a review of the life of His Royal Highness, H.R.H., Aloneous Bonheur, Prince of Abundance.  I used this as reference while writing the Young Adult series ‘A Boy Alone’.  At the moment, I am cleaning up old works and am not going to invest time into editing this post.  If I were to do so, it would be for typos and mistakes in grammar.  Just the same, the information and dates are relatively accurate.  In my head.

Please enjoy.

Book I — Obsessed

1924 After much anticipation, on the Spring Solstice, March 23, Prince Alone Rex Gottlieb Bonheur is born into the tiny little self-regulating kingdom and state of Happiness, son of King Godwyn and Queen Pristine of Happiness, and older sister, Princilla Agarapina, born in 1918.

1925 at one, Prince Alone is out of diapers.

1926 on New Year’s Eve, Alone sets the tablecloth on fire. Later in the year, he is found tied up, in the ash bin.

1927 Alone wants to know what makes the old grandfather clock in the hall ticks, and checks it out, dropping the dome, and creating an uproar at Princilla’s party.

1928 Alone is missing, later found down the well. Later he climbs the turbine in the palace garden.

1929 While polishing a copper cauldron in the palace kitchen, Alone sees a vision projected onto the wall before him.

1930 Alone jumps the ice deliveryman, hides inside the new electric refrigerator, and orchestrates the movers into the kitchen. On his birthday on the Spring Solstice, Alone is given his first little green bicycle.

1931 Several conflicts involving Mistress Entra Sitwell, and Miss Viola Hiss arise, as Alone fights for his right to write with his left hand. Upon stumbling into the situation one day, the governess, Miss Joi Dyer, tells the schoolmarm she will not put up with her abusive teaching methods.

1932 At eight, Miss Dyer takes Alone to the fair, and meets the Krishna devotees, who are later wrongfully accused by Mistress Sitwell of trying to kidnap the little Prince.

1933 Mistress Sitwell teaches the children how to paint outdoors, in oil, in the palace gardens. Princess Princilla paints the cherry trees, and Alone paints the jacarandas. Princess Princilla makes a midnight ride, and before the year is out, she has convinced the little Prince he is adopted, a commoner, and will never inherit the throne.

1934 At ten, Alone takes on the care of Princilla’s horses. Soon they are talking to him, and Alone listens.

1935 Alone rides his little green bicycle over to the greenhouse, after school, to see Wollard and Digweed, the groundskeeper and his gardener, who teach the little Prince how to grow Orchidlings.

1936 Alone hears the Orchids talking to him. The Pansies in the palace garden wink at him, and he becomes convinced he heard them giggling at him.

1937 Princess Princilla locks Alone out of his chambers.

1938 Alone takes up residency in the downstairs wardrobe closet off the main foyer.

1939 Under false pretenses, Princess Princilla sends the King and Queen into the state of Bereavement then locks her brother out of the palace, and dismisses his teachers and governess. Alone takes up residency in the stable, where the hedgehogs, skunks, and beavers help lift his spirits.

1940 Convinced he has been adopted, and is not loved by his parents, the teenage Prince grabs his rucksack, and wanders off into the state of Confusion, where he encounters many strange individuals with whom he is forced to interact.

BOOK II Hookwinked

1941 Now sixteen, Alone runs into Ledermann, Mrs. Dreadknot, Kieper, Mr. Moore, Mr. Dung Wrong, and more unsavory characters, as he stumbles his way through life.

1942 Alone takes on a position working with Mavis Wilde at a moneylender, SCF, Southern Confusion Funding.

1943 Alone goes into collecting payments door to door, then takes on sales of various articles, among them neck and foot vibrators, door to door.

1944 Alone presses dresses and slacks at Lou’s Laundry and while on his way to the bank to make a deposit for his employer, gets mugged.

1945 At twenty-one, Alone takes on a position working in the household of Lord Rude of Dadgumit, in the State of Confusion, in the capacity of the Lord’s son’s valet. When the War is over, Lord Rude finds it difficult to repay his debts, releases Alone, and Alone leaves the household, spurning the rich.

1946 Alone takes to selling pots and pans, door to door. When Alone knocks on the door of Mrs. Canundrum, he is offered room and board in exchange for his gardening duties. The longer he lives under Mrs. Canundrum’s roof, the more roommates he meets. Soon they are crawling out from every nook and cranny. In exchange for his help, Mrs. Canundrum gives Alone her old VW bus.

1947 At twenty-three, Alone continues to sell his vibrators door to door, only now he has a bus in which to store his merchandise. When Mrs. Canundrum’s daughter, and her five boys come to live with her, Mrs. Canundrum has no choice but to ask Alone to move. For several months, Alone lives in her garage, before taking to the road in his blue and white VW bus.

1948 After roughing it on the road, Alone pulls his life together, and lands a dream job with celebrity Ducky Benton, but when the celebrity and the job disappear, Alone ends up living on the streets, and out of his bus.

1949 Alone writes his first book, Looking Out From Within My Shell, an account of his year living on the road, but without conviction and an agent, the book’s success fizzles. Then Alone’s storage unit is broken into, and his possessions are stolen. Later that year, he momentarily leaves the keys in the ignition just long enough to have his bus stolen. Down and out, broken and bankrupt, beautiful Nordic Brooke Healingstream sees Alone on the sidewalk, and takes him home with her, to her glass house in the woods.

1950 Together Brooke and Alone go on a spiritual search for God.
1951 Brooke and Alone’s search brings them to houses of worship of the Talking Snake, the Church of the Black Cats, the Church of the Seventeen Virgins, the Temple of the Sacred Cow, and the Church of the Sacred Tin Cans. It is here a new bond takes place.

1952 At twenty-eight, Alone takes on a position selling biographies, over the phone at Sammy Sales’ phone bank. One night, a truck hits him in the pouring rain. Alone is sent into a coma, and ends up in the hospital. Convinced he will return to consciousness, Brooke Healingstream comes every night to read to him. After several months, Alone comes out of the coma, and begins working with plants at a nursery by the name of Plant Parenthood. Brooke and Alone get married, but when they return from the honeymoon, Brooke’s missing-in-action, prisoner-of-war husband, Brian Healingstream, is sitting on the doorstep. When Alone comes to his senses, he has his marriage to Brooke annulled, and takes back to the road.

Book III — The Lie Revealed — Lost In Confusion

1953 One day, Alone stumbles into the State of Understanding, where he registers at the University of Understanding, at Comprehension. There he meets Miss Sparkle Ticklebottom, Miss Anna Thistlewhite, and Pætrik Saddler. With the regents of the University of Understanding as benefactor, and his room and board paid for, Alone is now ready to focus on his education. Later in the year, Alone meets up with his parents’ former gardener, Niklas Digweef.

1954 After never having completed school, Alone demonstrates high school equivalency, and takes up general classes at the University of Understanding. That Spring, he tries his hand at karate, and before the year is out, has demonstrated white then yellow belt competency.

1955 Alone begins his days with yoga and meditation. In celebration of his thirty-second birthday, Alone goes to a retreat where he meets a cow who speaks to him. “Love me, don’t’ eat me” she says. Alone struggles, to become a vegetarian. Before the year is out, he has mastered the orange belt.

1956 Alone begins translating in the Ancient Archives Department in the basement of the University of Understanding library, by moonlight. By day, he continues to attend classes. Before the Winter Solstice, he has attained a green Karate belt.

1957 Alone continues his studies, and his work translating ancient texts. Karate and yoga help him to improve his listening skills. Soon, the Prince’s hearing focuses in an octave higher, where he hears trees, plants, and rocks talking to him. Before year’s end, he has demonstrated blue belt proficiency.

1958 At thirty-four, Alone takes on a teacher’s assistant position at the Academy of Forgiveness, while continuing his classes and moonlighting job, translating. Now a purple belt, Karate, and yoga must take a back seat, while he focuses on his studies.

1959 In preparation for graduation, Alone meets with University psychologist, Mr. Moveforth, where he hears the Ficus trees’ cry for help, and comes to their rescue.

1960 Brooke and Brian Healingstream, and Queen Pristine attend Alone’s graduation ceremonies, along with Pætrik Saddler. Alone takes Sparkle, Anna, Digweed, Pætrik, and his mother, Queen Pristine of Happiness, to feast at the Krishna temple. The thin air of Understanding gets the Queen high, and she begins a relationship with the trees.

Alone rests on the laurels of his purple belt, and immediately after graduation, takes a class with Imma Starrlet. Within the week, he is discovered by clothing designers Peek & Kloppenburg, who turn him into a world wide sensation with their billboard and kiosk advertising. Within weeks, Alone has attained world-wide fame, but it is fleeting, and a year later, he is not even recognized on the street anymore.

1961 At Dean Fortuitous’ recommendation, Alone is advanced into full-fledged professorship when Miss Withersworth engages the Prince as Master teacher at the Academy of Forgiveness, in Clemency. Free from monitary concerns, Alone buys himself a brand new Edsel Permiere. Brooke Healingstream buyss a little red VW Beetle convertible, and Brian trades in his 1957 De Soto Firedome for a sleek new Lincoln Continental Mark III.

1962 Back2School Night is a huge success. Alone establishes himself as the Academy of Forgiveness’ Master teacher at the Academy of Forgiveness. Still resting on his purple belt laurels, the Prince makes a goal to pick up where he left off, and get his black belt in Karate.

1963 Brooke and Brian celebrate their twentieth wedding anniversary, and pay Alone a visit at the Academy. Alone talks them into speaking to his students on automotive safety, design, and fuel efficiency. Parents revolt, citing their children have become smarter than they are. Alone sits on the committee that establishes the first Night School classes. Before 1964 appears before him, he has mastered the red belt.

1964 “I’ve got tickets to see the Beatles,” said Brooke. “Who are the Beatles?” asks Alone. Dr. Pætrik Sadler takes a break from his residency in the State of Terror, to speak with Alone’s students about chiropractic. Meanwhile, back in the state of Happiness, King Godwyn and Queen Pristine celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary.

1965 That fall, Alone trades in his Edsel for a brand new Ford Mustang convertible; and, horticulturalist to the Queen of Happiness, Wollard pays a visit to the Academy of Forgiveness to help Alone’s students dig a well, and design, and plant a garden.

1966 King Godwyn and Queen Pristine, still fit and youthful respectively at ninety and seventy-seven, visit the Academy, and talk to students about the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Finally, Alone has a chance to be alone with his father, and gets answers to questions that have perplexed him for a lifetime.

1967 Dean Fortuitous retires, and Alone is voted in as Dean of the Academy. He accepts, reluctantly, administers for one year, but is unhappy shut in an office, with papers and manuals. His only release is Karate, and the brown belt is working to master. Alone finally takes a six month sabbatical, and reads and writes at the water’s edge of the Sea of Serenity.

BOOK IV – A Lone Victory Over Self

1968 Alone leaves Forgiveness, and moves on to the state of Determination to speak at the Nations United Administration on behalf of Plants, Rocks, & Animals Everywhere. That fall, he trades in his 1964 Mustang fastback for a brand new turquoise convertible with a 389 horsepower engine.

1969 Brooke and Brian invite Alone, Pætrik, and Digweed to their glass house in the woods to watch Appolo 11 land on the moon. After Paetrik returns to doctoring in the State of Terror, Brooke and Brian take Digweed and Alone for a ride in their fully electric car, the new 489 horsepower Chrome Silver Bullet.

1970 Alone goes to prison. “Just because you live behind these walls does not mean you are imprisoned,” he tells inmates. “If you will lose your mind, you will come to your senses, and can travel anywhere, even distant planets.”

1971 Alone rests on his brown belt laurels, and starts the new year off by lecturing to groups of orphans about respect, then later lectures Centenarians about continence.

1972 Alone lectures to orphans and adopted children statewide, and takes up the cause of Tililum, the enslaved Killer Whale, as seen in the documentary film Blackfish.

1973 Alone buys three mountains in Happiness, Tollerance adjacent. On the first mountain, he builds a modern mirrored summer palace for the King and Queen. The second mountain he deeds over to his brother-in-law Gerk, and arranges to become sister Princilla’s secret benefactor,. On the third mountain stands a lighthouse, which Alone has restored and remodeled before moving in. Meanwhile, brother-in-law, Gerk Tarry of Indifference, and Princess Princilla, struggle through their financial difficulties to keep their marriage working.

1974 Alone’s mountain retreat is the scene of his fiftieth birthday celebration, and the entire cast of his life is invited. After the big celebration, Alone returns to his position as Ambassado. With Brian Healingstream at his side, Alone speaks to new drivers on safe driving habits, automobile safety, and economy. Later he signs to the deaf, touches the blind and the homosexuals, and caveats newly naturalized citizens.

1975 Alone travels throughout the States of Consciousness, speaking on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves. At home at his mountain retreat in Tolerance, he sets his Mustang aside in the garage, and buys a new toy; a teal blue Austin Martin.

1976 As America celebrates its bi-centennial, King Godwyn raises his cane to celebrate his centennial, making him officially a centenarian monarch, with Queen Pristine, still elegant at eighty-seven, at his side. In September, Alone sets off to Punjai to meditate, pray, and write a book for children, and My New New School is born. Alone enjoys Punjai so much, it is two years before he returns to the State of Determination, a celebrated author. People of all ages everywhere stand in line for him to autograph his book.

1977 Alone reaches out to speak to teachers and educators everywhere, demanding they open dialogue with students, administrators, and parents.

1978 Alone continues his writing, and travels through The States of Consciousness to conduct research for his next project, American Values Restored.com. His goal is a cross consciousness school system of schools for orphans, set up in every State of Consciousness. Alone designs, visits, and supervises the construction of each home school, and shows up to lay each cornerstone.

1979 Alone travels to each school, staffing, and supervising each school, teacher, and student, in the hope of learning as much as he can.

1980 When Alone is appointed Ambassador to Caitanya in India, he leaves his mountain retreat in the care of his agent, and bodyguard, Garcilanzo, his secretaries Valeria Bumpske, and Miss Jutta Wigglesdorfer, and goes to live in Caitanya. During his stay there he is visited by Brooke and Brian Healingstream.

1980 Alone has taken to chanting, and vegetarianism. He likes Caitanya so much, he stays another year.

1981 At fifty-seven, Alone decides to follow up his childrens’ book by writing an edition for the parents, and Your Child Too Can Grow Up To Be Valedictorian And Support You In Your Golden Years becomes a phenomenon. Back in Caitanya, he spends three more years doing research for his book.

1982 Alone focuses on writing until he dreams of typewriters chiming. Meanwhile, Princilla celebrates her sixty-fourth birthday, and husband Gerk turns sixty-eight.

1983 That winter, Princilla and Gerk go on safari in search of the perfect pelts for her collection of new fall jackets. Princilla steps out of the jeep, and mocks a baby orangutan. Carelessly, she lights a cigarette, and tosses the match. Instantly, the brush goes up in flames, and her hair catches fire. Not to worry though; with Gerk’s loving care, the Princess of Indifference will recover, without losing her beauty.

1984 Alone returns to his speaking engagements. On a more personal note, he feels sad his sister will no longer step out, due to her temporary burns, and has a riding stable built in husband Gerk’s name and relocates horses Tempest and Spitfire to reside there, thinking the horses might help bring Princilla back outside.

1985 Frustrated by Princilla’s inability to recover, Alone has samples taken of the slime on the northern shore of Crystal Lake, and sends them to the University lab in Leniency, for tests. Results confirm, the slime in the northern shore of Crystal Lake has distinct healing properties.

1986 Alone has the slime, and the test results, presented anonymously to Princilla. With Gerk at her side, Princilla packages, markets, and names her product MagicSlime™ skin restoration before going on television with Lori Premiere of QVC, giving Princess Princilla the spotlight Alone had taken from her, the notoriety, and the fame she had always wanted.

1987 At sixty-three, Alone shows no signs of slowing down, as he continues to promote his trust, AmericanValuesRestored, to build schools to house, educate, and love unloved orphans.

1988 Brian Healingstream goes mad from all the invaders of his peace, buys a beebee gun, and shoots out the tires of street vendors who pollute his woods with noise, and exhaust fumes, and vibrations that shake the earth, sending the animals in his garden into hiding, severely affecting the happiness of his trees. After he shoots down a helicopter trespassing over property, the police show up at his door to arrest him. Brooke Healingstream deals with the aftermath of his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder behavior, and dedicates herself to convincing a judge, a jury, and the world, the silent disability PTSD must be revealed for what it is, acknowledged as any other disability. Eventually, she wins the case, with the help of lawyer Perry Mason.

1989 Godwyn and Pristine celebrate their platinum wedding anniversary, seventy-five years. The Evil Empire of the North finally falls, and after seventy-two years sitting on the throne, Queen Pristine abdicates. Princilla tries to seize the throne, but the subjects of Happiness shun her, stating she lives in the state of Indifference or Discord, but not Happiness. Unable to handle the rejection, Princilla retreats, and King Godwyn’s younger brother Kitzio, and his wife, Hubertine, take over the throne, and lead Happiness toward democracy.

1990 Alone is accused of improper conduct, and at Brooke’s referral, calls on Mr. Perry Mason to defend him. Later in the year, the Evil Eastern Empire crumbles, and Alone, his friends, and staff celebrate. Later, Alone becomes infected with the HIV virus, through a blood transfusion. Convinced he is going to die, he sets into place what he refers to as his Last Will and Testament, or what he refers to as “My Final Eviction.”

1991 At sixty-seven, Alone drives to Tolerance to reminise with Brooke & Brian about their 1965 Beatles concert experience. It’s been twenty-six years and now, at one hundred and fifteen, King Godwyn, still ambulatory, stands in Princilla’s way, and behind everyone’s back, she forcibly moves the King out of his mountain retreat, kicking and screaming, and takes him hostage at her palace in Discontentment. A Queen in denial, pulls a kingdom into mourning for three to seven years.

1992 Alone gets ill, and is taken to the hospital, but when Brooke and Brian show up, he gets dressed and walks out, healed. Later that year, King Godwyn expires in his bed at Princilla’s palace, at the age of one hundred-and-sixteen, and a continent mourns the King’s passing. Afraid of what Princilla will do next, Queen Pristine begs Alone to carry her back to Happiness.

1993 Alone does as the Queen asks, and moves his mother back to Happiness, but when Princilla discovers Alone’s intervention, she vows for revenge.

1994 Alone takes his staff of professionals, and travels to the east. In his sequel, Alone and The Aqualung Corporation, he retells of his experiences.

1995 Alone spends time traveling to first class bookstores and libraries worldwide, signing books. That fall, he travels northward to get away from people, and be with his awareness.

1996 Alone travels north, and takes his friend, Niklas Digweed, with him.

1997 Alone’s staff of professionals join him and Digweed, as they travel to the southern islands.

1998 Alone prepares for the celebration of the turn of the millenium, to take place at his lighthouse retreat in two years. That summer, he travels with his staff to the South Pole, and plants a flag for Krishna, once again stirring up controversy.

1999 No longer content to rest of the laurels of his brown belt, Alone finally takes on the challenge of mastering his black belt and succeeds, making him the first person in the world to take four decades to master the black belt. A small celebration follows, as he continues with preparations for the upcoming celebration.

2000 Alone invites all his most beloved people to join in the celebration. Along with friends, all his favorite authors, dead and alive, show up. Krishna devotees serve delicacies first to Krishna, then to guests. After chanting, the party rises, and finds themselves chanting at the feet of Lord Krishna while grooming cows on planet Vishnuvaya. Any further adventures of A Boy Alone, now a mature seventy-six year old man, can be read in his many sequel books.


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