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A Boy Alone is the account of Prince Aloneous’ search for identity, after jealous older sibling Princess Princilla places the kingdom under a spell, and expels him from Abundance.  Here is a map of the palace and gardens.

new map final 1

Here is a map of the United States of Consciousness.  I have it but am too technologically challenged to be able to find the artist’s last conception.




King consort Godwyn and Queen Pristine, regent of Entitlement, in the State of Abundance, spared no expense satisfying their princess’ every wish.  Nanny Needlepinch kept a handle on things, as she had for three generations of royal Goldspinners.  After their continental Tour of Consciousness, in which the royal family, along with entourage, traveled near every State, foregoing Fear, Insanity, and Terror.

Upon returning home from the Tour, the stork paid a second visit to the palace, and dropped off a baby prince.  The new prince, so unlike his family members in not only hair and eye color, is christened after his great-great grandfather, King Aloneous Rexus Horatio.  Staff at the palace take to the young prince, in particular, Nanny Needlepinch.

The princess is determined to reclaim her spotlight, and will stop at nothing.  One night, she rides into the Troubled Forest on her horse, and consults with Hecate, Queen of the Dark. When she returns, she convinces her brother he is was adopted, and orphan of Fear.  It does not occur to the prince to question his older sister.  As a result, he must come to terms with a situation in which half the palace has been taken under the princess’ spell.



clock final 12-9-14

Enter Joi Dyer.  The young governess from Grace shows up after the unexpected death of Nanny Carabella Needlepinch.  Princilla is determined to restore her place as sole heir to the kingdom.  Under false pretense, she sends her parents, Queen and King consort, to visit the Queen’s sister, Princess queen Erica of Discord, in Gruntle.  There behind the Craggy peaks of Discord, the regents are snowed in for weeks.

Back at the palace, Princilla dismisses the prince’s governess, Miss Dyer, and his teachers, along with anyone else who did not obey her commands.  She locked the prince out of his chambers, forcing him to settle into the gentlemens’ wardrobe closet, downstairs.  Butler Orderic Tibbons finds the prince in the closet, and puts him up in a room off his pantry.  Mistress Princilla finds the prince, forces him out of the palace, locks all the doors, and threatens to dismiss anyone who dares assist the prince.

Aloneous grabs his possessions, and goes to sleep in the stable with the princess’ horses, Tempest and Spitfire.  Soon the equines are talking to him, and he understands.  Nosey lady’s maid, Edwina Zambelli of Terror, sees the prince in the corral, and tells her mistress. Madam Princilla can take no more.  She bribes Edwina to do her nasty deeds for her. Edwina refuses, but eventually gives in under threat.

The stable is set ablaze, catching the prince and the horses in the flames.  Neighing frantically, they race about the burning stable in panic.  Aloneous jumps out the loft lifting window, lands on the Tempest’s back, and the horse carries him away, into the hills of Confusion, as the fire engine raced in to combat the flames.


BOOK III ‘LOST in CONFUSION’ (The title changed, THE LIE … was too long.)

The Lie Final Type 12-7Now married to Gerkeford of Indifference, son of the Earl and Countess of Oh-Well, Princilla’s husband, Gerk, living in the palace with the royal family, helps plan a coup to rid Abundance of the prince.  When the blizzard in Discord subsides, king consort Godwyn and Queen Pristine return to Entitlement to find the halls painted pink, loyal staff members gone.  The princess butts heads with the Queen, resulting in her leaving for Indifference with her husband, where son-in-law Gerk planned to work for the family construction business in Oh-Well.

Tempest carries the prince across the Black Hills, into the state of Confusion, searching for a home for the equine.  But they cannot part.  The prince drifts for years, drawn in by one unscrupulous character after another until the day he stumbles onto a university. Tempest trots into love with a black Arabian named Warrior Princess, runs off with her, and the prince, now calling himself Alone, enters the University of Understanding, and cracks the books.

Pain and bad luck strengthens the prince’s determination. He soon learns, if he is going to change the condition of his life, he must change Consciousness.  He heals during his tenure at the university, but when he returns home, occasion after occasion, he is locked out of Abundance.  This only sets him further at odds with family, reinforcing the childhood belief he is an orphan, adopted out of Fear.

Alone focuses on questioning, reinterpreting his values.  Upon graduation, he is accepted to teach at the prestigious Academy in the State of Forgiveness.  After having dedicated his life in service to the growth of others, success and material wealth catches onto him when famous designers Peek & Kloppenberg ask him to be the face of their line of men’s clothing.  Fame follows.  Alone learns fame is not all it is cracked up to be.



princilla hair lightning 1

Soon after he rises to international fame, Prince Aloneous is forgotten.  He has let his hair grown.  He is mature, and can walk down the street again without being recognized. Wanting to find inner peace, he flies to Penjal, where he spends a year living with monks in the monestary while typing out a series of childrens’ books, as well as a parental Best Seller ‘Your Child Too Can Graduate Valedictorian and Support You in Your Golden Years’.

Following the success of another Best Seller, the prince opens a series of schools and shelters, and sets forth to dig more wells, build more schools, and help people create their own vegetable gardens.

That autumn, Princilla and Gerk got into a shiny new D-C 8, and flew to Mwanza in search of pelts for her new fall line of exotic coats, jackets, and muffs.  While on safari, in an unfortunate strike of bad luck, the princess is hit by lightening. Her long golden hair sizzled.  It roasted.  Her skin toasted.  The princess was stricken with aphasia. No longer able to speak, husband Gerk takes things in stride, but is led to drinking.  This affects his career, and home life.

The co-dependent prince hears of his sister’s ailment, and is determined to help find a cure.  When the University lab calls to confirm, the sludge he collecte on the northern shore of Crystal Lake does indeed contain healing properties, he had the recipe sterilized, and sent anonymously to his sister, with application instructions.

Princilla took a seat in her boudoir before her mirror, and looked at her kinky split hair and orange skin.  She applied the prince’s sludge.  Within days, her hair was growing back,  gold, as beautiful as before.  When her orange skin gave way to pink, the princess got excited, and decided to package, market, and sell the sludge on the new medium television.

Meanwhile, Alone is speaking out for childrens’ and animals’ rights in every State of Consciousness.  Upon returning to the continent several years later, he purchases three mountain peaks in Tolerance.  On the first peak, he has built a new summer palace for his parents.  On the middle peak stands a lighthouse windmill, which he restores.  The third peak he quitclaims anonomously to his sister, Princess Princilla, and brother-in-law Gerk.

As the new millennium approaches, Alone decides to host a celebration at his mountain retreat in Tolerance.  All his favorite people are invited.  Even those who had been expelled from the palace years earlier, popped in out of the bushes.  To his joy, Miss Dyer appears, and the celebration turns out to be a final eviction.  But how does that eviction play out?


Thank you a thousand times cannot express my appreciation for the delightful drawings of my friend, Steve Lubin.  Though incomplete past Book II, as you can tell from this post, covers and correct titles are on my phone.  I have just not figured out how to transfer them..  The cover to ‘Obsessed’ shown above is the first copy provided to me by the artist, which I colored when we consulted together on a color scheme.  It is the only copy I am able to find on my computer at this moment.  This book would not have seen the light without the assistance, publishing, and captivating drawings of Steve Lubin, accompanied by the muse of his mother, Doris Lubin.


Alan John Mayer, son of two centenarians, was raised by an interesting set of parents in more interesting countries in an even more interesting life.  By high school graduation, he had attended eleven schools on four continents.  For a brief synopsis of the life of his father, George James Mayer, read ‘CONVOY’ on AmericanValuesRestored.com, or you can purchase it on Kindle for $2.99.

A former classroom and college teacher, working with everyone from toddlers to centenarians from every country across the globe, there is almost no limit to the time and trouble Alan will go to to help fellow seekers find answers.  He is available for consultation to anyone who can draw his attention away from his four-legged friends, with whom he lives in relatively restrained peace.  The author can be reached at AlanObermayer@gmail.com, or ABoyAloneous@gmail.com.

If you enjoyed reading these treatments, click Like, please Share, and look for the book to be out on Kindle, soon.  Share love and peace.  God bless our schools, our teachers, our students, and our Democracy.

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Alan John Mayer
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