Contentment, Johannes Martin Müller

This post awaits telling.


Music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Translation by Alan John Mayer

Why do I ask for lots of money and property
When I am satisfied?
God gives me my healthy blood
So I am glad with courage
And sing with grateful satisfaction
My morning and evening song.

One who swims in abundance,
Has house and land and money,
Yet is always vexed,
And would not please the world.
The more he has, the more he wants,
Never do his complaints remain silent.

Since the world is a vale of tears
Yet at times seems to me so beautiful,
Has pleasure without measure and number,
Leaves no outgoing empty.
The little bug, the little bird
Rejoice indeed for the month of May.

And nature for us does decorate
the meadow, mountain, forest,
And birds are singing far and near,
That all echoes through the land;
At work sings to us the lark…

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