Prayer — A Good Day to Planet Earth

2015, 2018 Mirror Image Edutainment, Alan John Mayer

DeI do not want you to get the impression I impose my troubles and woes upon you.  I know I do.  This morning in prayer, I internalized.

There is One life.
Wherever it is found in this Universe, this life is God.
This life is perfect, whole and complete.
This life is my life now.
Right now, I accept for myself right thought, right word, right action.
I release my good, knowing it will come back to me.                                                                      I am grateful.

Later in the day, I watched, as the light reflected off the mirrored disco ball hanging in my bedroom.  Beams of light dance across the ceiling and walls, into the mirror closet doors and back out.  I breathe long, as the dancing lights pick up speed from the breeze entering the window.  I let it go my troubles, my thoughts, but not completely because I wanted to hold on just a little longer.  My ego wishes to feel the experience of pain in spite of knowing I, the true I, the Holy Spirit, wants to let go.  I pray for Divine Intelligence, not human intelligence, emotion or judgment, to rule the outcome for the highest good for the planet.  Bless and provide for those who are cleaning up our oceans, caring for abandoned, neglected and abused animals, and making a daily effort to practice senseless acts of kindness that this world may be a better place when they leave than it was when they arrived.

A voice in my head says “How can you think of spending time writing, when you know you should be on the phone setting up appointments?”  I have to silence that voice. That same voice, in troubled times, said to me “Get rid of your cat”.  Mother’s false teeth have a tight bite.

I pray for peace every day, that I no longer react to the sirens going by, police and ambulances on their way to the hospital carrying those less fortunate.  I pray right thought, right word, and right action may infiltrate my life, my home, our schools.  God bless and protect our schools, our teachers, students, administrators, and our American Democracy.

A good day to Planet Earth.


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