2015, Mirror Image Presentations, Alan John Mayer

I would listen to anything Uncle Albert said, even if he did invent the bomb.  He had no idea the consequences, then refused to participate in its development.


“In this world of relativity, it is inevitable — light and darkness — good and evil — that whenever a person tries to expand, we will meet enemies. In all endeavors, the minute one tries to accomplish something, there is resistance.

As soon as a plant tries to emerge from its seed, first there is resistance from the earth, then the bugs go after it, and then it has to struggle against the weeds that compete for its food and water. And then there are the animals who try to stomp on it, dig it up and devour it. The plant needs sunshine, water and nurturing from God. The plant needs care from the gardener.

The same is true for human beings. We must resist those enemies who wish to dig us up and dim our light; we must persist in spite of evil.

Great spirits have always encountered violent…

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