Helen Keller – ‘Thoughts That Keep Me Up At Night’

2018, Mirror Image Presentations, Alan John Mayer

Helen Keller, a most admirable woman of grace and dignity.  I read every one of her eleven books.  Her insight, as she describes the world around her is beautiful, inspiring.  She repeats herself upon many occasions, but to write a book with the assistance of sight, sound, and word is an amazing task, not to mention, doing so without being able to rely on these senses.

I recommend Helen Keller’s reading to any sensitive person.


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I finished reading Helen Keller’s (second) autobiography entitled Midstream. This is an account of her time between graduating from Radcliff at midlife. She writes with a power that I would not have imagined had I not read it myself. The following is from the second to last chapter, Thoughts That Keep Me Up At Night. I thought it was beautiful. This, she writes in 1929. As she says, “the human race does not take to new ways of living readily.”

. . .

All over America I have been appalled by the number of young children who spend the greater part of the day in stuffy, overcrowded rooms, looked after by old people or by children only a little older than themselves, while their parents work in factories or in other people’s houses. This seems to me the most deplorable tragedy of our modern life. A…

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