What can this blog do for me, the Reader?

2012 Mirror Image Edutainment, Alan John Mayer

I hope you laugh.

Pull out the head plugs, turn off the cellphone, start snapping your fingers, and smile to life’s tune.  Read on.

When we read, we travel to the right place. When we laugh, we are in the right place. Laughter is the exponentially healing antidote to depression, stress, and anxiety.  Now laugh. Do it out loud.  Read my Toastmasters speech “Laughter — Free, Easy to Use, Safe”.

* Looking for information on writing, translation, editing?  Type Edit in the search bar.
* Want to learn about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? Mother’s Golden Locks.
* Seeking patience toilet training your cat?  YouTube/Meck&Miao (and Pokey).
* ‘A Boy Alone’ enjoy the works of George Mayer, and Disney artist, Steve Lubin.
* Check out Steve’s numerous illustrations for my Young Adult trilogy, A Boy Alone.
* Want to read an excerpt of Consciousness? Type Treatment in the space bar.
* Link up with the 157 characters of Consciousness, listed in THE FEAR Files.
* Persons looking for accent, dialect reduction, or acquisition, please inquire by e-mail.

This is it, A BOY ALONE – autobiography of twisted proportions for young people of all generations.

Book I   —  Obsessed
Book II  — Hoodwinked
Book III — Lost in Confusion                                                                                                               Book IV — Victory Over Self

I introduce singer, healer, Meow-Mix artist, water bowl musician, Miao,  pronounced Meow, also known as Fluffy.


When I started this blog in 2011, I needed talent, so I adopted a female tabby, Miao.  Three months later, Meck joined the family, followed by canine Pokey.  No sooner had I registered them as emotional support service animals, behind my back, they created their own singing and dancing YouTube channel.

Meck was just eight weeks.


These animals kiss, clean, and play Tag with each other.  In a world in need of insight, humor, and laughter, these four-legged creatures want to heal, make happy.  And they do.  Usually.

Meck and Miao advocate reading.


Here Miao reads Goethe. She likes to play the water bowl, (see YouTube) and is working on her picture book, Miaozart.


Meck grew into a cat.  Ghandi proclaimed “The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing could solve the majority of the world’s problems.  I take these words to heart.

The purpose of this blog is to help guide our way back to God,
paving the way for the inevitable when the light goes out,
(or perhaps for the first time ever really comes on)
as we exit on the tail end of our journey to meet our Maker.

I want to be thinking right thought when my name is called, lest I be drawn back into this realm of imagined separation, relived birth, disease, and death.  Let the meek inherit the earth.  I choose to chant Hare Krishna, when I can remind my busy mind to do so.

I pray as many souls as possible join me on this return to Godhead, as I put into practice what I have learned from A Course in Miracles, The Disappearance of the Universe, and The Universe is a Dream.

Forgiveness must be the purpose of my life.  I often fail, but failures are blessed.  If not for failure, we would either be living in caves, or not alive.

When upon usual time I failed to bring a friend home with me, Pokey was concerned.  He walked around the car on his hind legs, looking for Steve.

Where's Steve?

Where’s Steve?



Did I mention my friend, Tilikum the whale, held captive in a swimming pool?  In your next American Automobile Association payment, make a note to discourage AAA management from supporting Sea World on their list of Abusement parks.  It is inhumane and unacceptable for these highly intelligent creatures to be held captive out of greed.  They need to be returned to their natural habitat. Please, on your next AAA payment, and envelope, write in big red letters:

“BLACKFISH — SET TILLIKUM FREE!” Then watch the movie and spread the word. Free Tilikum. Thank you.


Meck looks like he’s putting his best paw forward, but he’s really grabbing onto the leash. The day I brought the puppy home, the feline clawed onto it, and would not let go. For a good chuckle, check out: Homecoming.

It is my desire this blog refresh spirit, and bring joy and laughter to a world in need of the good word. I now understand, when I want my visual world to change, I must change my mind. On the macroscopic, this means we, as a people, a generation, must re-define our commitment to education. We must teach: our only reason for being here is to be good stewards of the planet, the animals, each other, and to learn.

Did Jesus not say, “love one another as I have loved you”?


Teachers are always held responsible, blamed for not meeting the needs of children many parents would rather forget. For students to listen, teachers must look like role models of success. No magician can do that on teacher salaries.

* What can I do? Read “Ten Steps to Restore America’s Schools to Former Glory.
* Learn more about America’s most involved First Lady, the mind behind Roosevelt.
* See Marian Anderson singing God Bless America at the Lincoln Memorial, 1933.
* Travel down Memory Lane, Remember When There Were More Schools than Malls?

Pokey imitates the cats. Sometimes, he irritates them. If I irritate the cat, and she defends herself, Pokey jumps to my defense.


Meck inspires meditation.


It is my mission to harness the power of media to entertain, enlighten, and heal, beginning with myself, and anyone who listens for the voice of the Holy Spirit. I end each post with a prayer to open my ears, curb my tongue, and guide me to right thought, right word, and right action.


There is One life.
This life is God.
This life is perfect.
It is my life now,
perfect thought, perfect word, followed by perfect action.

The universe provides all good for me.
I accept.
I give thanks for my many blessings,
my sight,
my hearing,
my sense of smell,
my bed,
my running water, and flushing toilet.

I go beyond thankful. I am grateful.
I release thought, and ask the Holy Spirit guide me.
I know my word is divine cause.
Of this I am aware.

And so it is.

Asleep at last

Asleep at last



About AmericanValuesRestored

"Glad to have you, Alan," said the A.D. The purpose of this blog, AmericanValuesRestored.com, is to provide thoughtful writing, and direct the reader to spiritually inspired videos on how to teach your cat to use the toilet, how to train your dog to make you heel, and references to the state of Abundance, as introduced in book I of my seven book series, 'A Boy Alone,' 'Obsessed.' Take a step into Consciousness. Check it out on Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Smashwords, and Barnes and Noble. For a good laugh, go to YouTube, and check out Meck&Miao, and Pokey. Some cute short videos under a minute include: 'Tonight's Entertainment.' 'Meck takes the stairs,' 'Meck and Miao examine the new puppy,' 'Happy together,' 'Afternoon Delight,' 'Pokey and Miao fight it out,' 'Meck and Miao attack,' and 'National Boxing Day." Meck&Miao and Pokey.
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