Regina’s Vow of Silence

2015, Mirror Image Edutainment, Alan John Mayer

Young Regina entered the convent and took a vow of silence.  Three years, she was allowed to speak only two words.  Each year, Mother Superior called her into her office.

“Well, child, you have completed your first year of your vow.  What have you to say for yourself?”

Regina grumbled “Bed hard”.

Mother Superior replied “I understand our beds can be a bit firm, but this is not a luxury hotel.  I will see if Sister Abigail can find you a softer bed.  Now go back to your chamber my dear, and continue with your good work.”

The following year, Mother Superior called Regina into her office for her two word evaluation.

“Food Bad”.

“I can relate” said Mother Superior “Sister Franchesca is no longer running the kitchen.  We have been praying for a replacement cook.  Now return to your chamber, and continue your good work.”

The third year Regina was ready to be ordained as a nun.  She stepped into Mother Superior’s office.  “My child, you are at the end of your three year vow.  What have you to say for yourself?”

“I quit!”

“Thank God” Mother Superior crossed herself “You have done nothing but complain since the day you got here”.










© 2011, Mirror Image Presentations

Nineteen year old Regina walked into a convent, eager to become a part of the sisterhood and to please God. In taking the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, she entered her three year vows in silence, during which time she was allowed to speak once a year to the Reverend Mother.

Mother Superior called Regina into her office upon completion of that first year. Regina took a seat in front of the massive mahogancy desk and was itching to speak.

“Well, my child,” began the Reverend Mother, “you are to be commended for having completed your first year’s vow of silence. In two words, tell me, what have you to say for yourself?

“Food bad!”, sputtered Regina.
“Well, my child,” responded The Reverend Mother, “this is not a restaurant. Our facilities are humble, but I will see what can be done to improve upon…

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