Jesus, Buddha, and Mohammed in a Room

Invite Jesus, Mohammed, and Buddha into a room with tea leaves, and they will make tea and love one another.

Invite their followers into the room, and they will fight, then kill each other off over the tea.

What does this say about world religions?

There is only one life, One God, One religion, and that is the religion of returning to Godhead, based on how you personally see and understand God, not on how your ancestors did, or on how some ancient text tells us we have to behave.

The return to Godhead is the understanding of my position in the world, in the universe, and my path back Home.

I accept all that is, knowing my return to Godhead is directed by me.
I give thanks that I can release the thoughts of my ego, and allow the crystal clear spirit, the Christ spiri within, to rise up.  Everything else is a false god.
I acknowledge Him through the Holy Spirit in me.
I give Him space to shine, forgive, return to Godhead.
I let my thoughts go.
And so it is.



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