Meck & Miao Photos at Play

Mirror Image Edutainment, Alan John Mayer

Peace for today, courtesy of my animals.  Let my little pussy sit on your face


and in five minutes you, too, will be purring. Within minutes, thoughts evaporate into thin air.

Whenever one of my animals complains about meals or living conditions, I remind them their option was to spend life in a cage, at the kennel. Suddenly they appreciate our five year, five inch lease/leash agreement.


For five years, I maintain rights to the last five inches of the tail, at which time, servitude will have been satisfied, and they are free to run about, get into fights, and return home to the welcoming arms of papa, tattered, thirsty, and hungry.


Animals heal. I speak here of an animal whose needs are met. An animal whose needs have not been met is a terror. Like the child whose needs are met, animals bring an innocent, a certain healing to the environment. Even the monstrous child, in his her desire to control, brings healing to a situation when we choose to see it.

If there is One life; if this life if mine, yours, ours, it stands to reason, this life must also be the life of my kitty, as well as that of the monstrous child. It also stands to reason, this One life must be my life, too.
Feline, canine, or human, this life is perfect; as demonstrated through you and me; Meck & Miao and Pokey.


This life is my life now.
I accept this One life, Light, we all are sparks of this great Light toward which each of us is drawn;


in constant search of the brighter Light. I give thanks for knowing I know that I know. In this knowing I seek the ability to internalize what I know, and turn it into Understanding.

In other words, I relinquish a few more charms of youth to a few grains of wisdom.


Only when we come from Understanding can light enter. I stand alert, in the state of Understanding, at the gates of my mind discerning which thoughts I will allow entrance,

which people and thoughts I allow to fall behind.

I let everything go, save God, to see beyond my ego, and welcome the Holy Spirit into my life, with every right thought, right word, and right action.


One more time, I thank the Lord of my being, the Holy Spirit, for my blessings.

And so it is.



Please share, and read CONVOY, the peaceful wartime experiences of my worldly father, George James Mayer.


About AmericanValuesRestored

"Glad to have you, Alan," said the A.D. The purpose of this blog,, is to provide thoughtful writing, and direct the reader to spiritually inspired videos on how to teach your cat to use the toilet, how to train your dog to make you heel, and references to the state of Abundance, as introduced in book I of my seven book series, 'A Boy Alone,' 'Obsessed.' Take a step into Consciousness. Check it out on Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Smashwords, and Barnes and Noble. For a good laugh, go to YouTube, and check out Meck&Miao, and Pokey. Some cute short videos under a minute include: 'Tonight's Entertainment.' 'Meck takes the stairs,' 'Meck and Miao examine the new puppy,' 'Happy together,' 'Afternoon Delight,' 'Pokey and Miao fight it out,' 'Meck and Miao attack,' and 'National Boxing Day." Meck&Miao and Pokey.
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