Christmas Giving with my Dentist

Mirror Image Edutainment, Alan John Mayer

Last I saw my dentist, he complimented me on my cap, (not my tooth) and asked me where I got it.
“I got it at Out of The Closet,” I said.
“How do you like that. I really like it” he said. “I want one just like it.”

I thought for a moment. I bought the cap to play Launce with my dog, Pokey as Creb, from Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. I don’t really wear caps.  I was wearing it because, in consideration of my dentist, I had just washed my hair, and it was cold out. A nerve gets struck every time a smelly person walks past and I think, — he needs to wash his hair.  Little worse than being forced to smell smelly people’s oily hair while walking through Ralph’s shopping for groceries.

I handed the cap to my dentist “Happy Holidays” I said.
He backed off “No, I couldn’t take it.”
“Why not?  It’s my gift to you.”
“No,” he pulled back.

He would not take the cap, so I put it back on my head, the head in which ‘The Committee’ was meeting.
“Give him the cap” says one.
“You don’t wear caps anyway” says another.
“Make him take the cap” says a third “You have already proved your Shakespearean comedy does not go over well in L.A..

My mind wandered when he said ‘No’.

It is better to give than receive.  “You offered, and he declined” spoke another “So you get to keep your cap, and the memory. I offered. I reached out beyond my little self, the ego that since childhood has been relating to the limiting concept of “mine”.

In this season of giving and receiving, I remind myself gifts from the heart are more valuable than gifts from the pocketbook, unless of course, you are my fascist Mother, deserving of prayer.

There is One life.
This life is perfect.
This life is God.
This life is my life now.
This life is perfect thought, perfect word, perfect action.
I lift my thoughts above my ego, beyond the concept of mine
I accept good the Universe has to offer, and I know my good increases by accepting and sharing, bringing me more good to share.
I give thanks, Lord.
I release my thoughts, knowing they return to me multiplied, in blessings.
It is my job to keep my eyes open that I may accept these blessings when they present themselves.
And so it is.



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