A Selfish Act of Forgiveness — “Happy Christinmas, Mummy”.

Mirror Image Edutainment, Alan John Mayer

I know, even as many of the older royals have died off, my mother will be receiving calls from well-wishers from around the world, singing her the Happy Birthday song.

So, in a selfish act of forgiveness this morning, I decided, rather than to ignore the day, I decided to sing this song to my mother over the telephone. It being her birthday, I decided I could not let this day pass unacknowledged. One always celebrates the coronations and birthdays of royalty, regardless how one feels as subject. My job as subject is to stand straight, and think of the kingdom of Happiness.

This Elvis Presley song Muss I Denn? / Must I?, was at the top of the chart in Germany in 1960, the year my parents and I left Lybia to go live in Nueremberg, Germany.  I, along with Princess Princilla trailed along behind.  I was five.

This song is among the Queen’s favorites.  I dialed.  Christina answered the phone, (she does that) and she actually listened without her usual interruption. I replaced the words, “Mein Schatz bleibst hier” (my sweetheart, you stay here) with “Meine Mutter, Du bleibst fort, my mother stays afar.”

There is one life.
This life is perfect.
This life is my life now.
I am One with this life.

Thank you God for telling me to call my mother today as opposed to ignoring this very important day, next to Christmas, Christinas is the most important day of the year.  Any worthy subject knows that.

God did speak to me.  He said “Alan, listen up, and I will supply you with the words you need.  Remember that Elvis Presley song from your childhood, Wooden Heart?  Google it, sing it to your mother.  You have a choice,  You can be right, or you can be forgiving and happy.  Think, internalize what you have been reading all these years to improve your mind, and apply it.”

Then He was suddenly gone again.

I kicked my ego in the heart (if it had one) “Back off”.

I choose to live in the Kingdom, even if the Queen does think she has the final word.

My pitch could not have been better, taking the King as my lead.  Mummy answered “Aua, ouch!”

“Happy birthday” I could hear Mummy open her mouth to speak.

She wanted to speak.

Why not?  It’s her birthday.  But this is a day in which she needs to rest and take care of herself, no need to speak.  No further words necessary.

I feel happy AND I feel right, but like Pokey the pup, I need to have the last word.  I wonder who taught me that.

When I put forgiveness to the test, God steps up to help me.  His words were already written on my heart — fifty-three years ago, by Elvis Presley and his translators.

It is all good.

And so it is.



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