This MOVE is MOVING — A Sense of Relief

Mirror Image Edutainment, Alan John Mayer

I awoke today, feeling such a sense of relief. Suddenly this upcoming move took on the form of a movie, with me as executive producer, director, and star.  I visualized how everything is falling into place in perfect timing. I see my prospective landlord and my current landlord communicating effectively to assure I am not moving out in haste or anger and that my animals will not be a problem for them.

This move is to move seamlessly.

I felt so good, as this visualization passed through my mind. I should have sat down with God months ago. But now that I have, I attribute much of this forward movement to working the 12 steps.

It is done and it is good.

What does the landlord want? He wants not to have to think about or be responsible for anything relating to his investment so he can go to the disco and kick up his heals.

What does God want? God wants Alan to stop complaining, to operate more out of God, without judgment or attachment to worldly things, emotions, and possessions.

He also wants to hear Alan laugh. I am doing whatever I can to support others as they move forward, even if it is only in my prayers and visualizations that grace and serenity accompanies them.

“God grant me the serenity to accept the people and things I cannot change,
the courage to change those things I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference.”

I’m working it.

What does Alan want? Alan wants the world around him to laugh, and Alan wants to laugh. He wants a humble space to call home in which he can do yoga, breathe, think, train himself through the training of his animals and himself.
I harness the power of media to entertain, enlighten, and heal, beginning with himself. I publish a best seller book, hire an agent, and a manager.


There is One Life.
This life is God, you, me, I, the I AM.
This life is perfect, when I allow it to be.
I allow my life to be perfect now.
I know if this is true for me, it must also be true for others.
I am the individual spark of the greater whole, the Oneness of God.
If this is true for me then it must also be true for others.

This life is my life now.

This move is already proceeding calmly, in search of peace. I seek solutions.

I asked God, and God answered. I asked God to sit in, and He did. I allow the spirit to speak. Prayer works, I keep thinking. I bless my mother, and hear the hinges on her wallet creaking open.

I give thanks.

One at a time, my prayers are answered. The stage has been set, and this too shall pass.
I accept it all. I let it go. I let it be.
I detach myself, and release my thoughts, as I move forward in right thinking, right word, and right action.

And so it is.



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