Blackfish — Tilikum, the Captive Killer Whale

Mirror Image Edutainment, Alan John Mayer

Billed as: This fascinating documentary examines the life of performing killer whale Tilikum … who has caused the death of several people while in captivity … and questions the safety and humanness of confining these intelligent creatures.

My take on this film, it is inhuman. It is barbaric what is being done, and this barbaric behavior needs to see the light of day. For me, this well-produced documentary as difficult to watch as a Holocaust movie. In particular, the producers got their message across with numerous sugar sweetened Sea World commercials — which made me sick to my stomach.

And then there are the lies,
one built upon the other.

I had to pause the film on one of the happy scenes of a killer whale swimming freely in the ocean, stop, and say a prayer for the lives of these amazing creatures, and the way they continue to be mistreated.

First we hunt them down for hundreds of years,
then we kidnap them violently,
break up their families,
and incarcerate them for life
in what to them is a bathtub.

It’s not okay. I need to join something to make a difference. Perhaps it is Alone Bonheur who will speak out. Right now, the best I can do is become aware, and this film convinced me of what I said long ago, that you don’t trap wild animals, abuse them, and expect them not to become frustrated and lash out.

Those money makers at the top of this Sea World scandal, who thought up the idea in the first place, need to spend their lives behind bars for crimes against the planet. I have no empathy for such heartless creatures.

As painful as it is to watch,
Blackfish is another film
every person on the planet
needs to see.

My prayer goes to Tilikum, who continues to live trapped in a concrete tub, forced to perform in a circus environment, which I believe is humiliating to the animal’s intelligence. Another “accident” is imminent. When it happens, we can’t blame the trainer or the animal. I blame the greedy bastards who have no respect for life.

I learned from this film, that whales have more highly developed brains than humans, with a separate compartment for emotions lacking in humans.

I learned these whales have separate cultures and speak separate languages.

I want to believe that Tilikum understands, at some deep level, his life has served to bring attention to his plight, and the plight of the entire Sea World “Collection” of abused animals. It shames me to belong to a race of beings who can inflict such pain.

In spite of the beautiful footage of these magnificent animals roaming freely in the ocean, as nature intended, I found this documentary painful to watch. The filming may have ended with beautiful ocean footage, but in light of the fact Tilikum remains in captivity, no ending other than his freedom can be beautiful.

I pray for the release of these animals into the ocean, where they belong, and may it happen with Godspeed.



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