The Night I Met Elizabeth Taylor

Mirror Image Edutainment, Alan John Mayer

EDITOR’S CAVEAT: This piece has not been edited. Its author offers no apologies for missing or misplaced commas, excessive use of the words have, had, that, and excessive use of exclamation points.

She was in a wheelchair, dressed up like Marie Antoinette, with hair as big as Mrs. Anna Thistlewhite. It was a Halloween party. I was dressed in no costume. I spotted her from across the room, as she rolled toward me. I approached, and she already knew my name.

It was just last night, at Isabelle’s Halloween party, that we met. We spoke several times over the evening as she mingled with the guests, but none seemed to hold her interest the way I did. Suddenly, she asked me to forward to her a copy of my book,

A Boy Alone — Victory Over Self.

Needless to say, I was delighted, excited, enlighted, stimulited, motivited, absolutely enchantited. Elizabeth Taylor (I did not call her Liz as I know she likes to be called by her real name, Elizabeth), wanted to read my life’s work!

¡Imagiínate, Elizabetha Sastre quize leer mi trabajo!

I also met a very cute male/female married couple at the party, who, (imagine this) both liked me. They had oozes of personality, but no names. They didn’t need them. And so I went off with her husband (who had shoulder length frizzy hair tied back into a pony tail) to their place of business, in a shopping cart rolling down a steep hill. I remember thinking, “this must be San Francisco.”

I found myself in a large phone bank
with lots of windows and light, with a
large hangar like door. I needed some glue
to mend something, and opened a desk I was sitting
at, pleased to find a small bottle of Miracle Glue. I
opened the glue and proceeded to mend. As I did, I carelessly
allowed two drops to spill onto her desk, not onto the blotter in front of me, but onto the desk itself.

“That happens to be my desk,” said the wife.
“I’m sorry” I said, “I will clean it up later, but if anyone has ever worked with Superglue before, they will know this is not so easy. Then the husband took me away with him to run an errand, and I awoke to the breath of Miss Miao, the feline UTube star.

I am going to have to go back there tonight with a razor blade and scrape the dried glue off of her desk. This will not be easy, getting back to the same desk in the same location, I mean. I was so entranced by the couple, I not only didn’t ask their names, I forgot to make a note of the business address.

Maybe they will come to me again, another night. Evidently Ellizabeth and my two loves of the night are sill alive. But where are they? They are waiting for me to come true.



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