French 1o1 Made Laughable — THIS WILL TURN YOUR HEAD.

2013, 2018 Mirror Image Edutainment, Alan John Mayer

Ç’a me tourne la tête; it makes my head turn, the French say.

Something amazing about the French language, it has a vocabulary of far fewer words than English, German, or Spanish, yet the French find a way to get the idea across clearly, and they do it, avec du style.

Ça me tourne la tête.  It makes my head spin.  You can use it to mean so many things.

I’m amazed.
I don’t believe it.
I can’t drink that.
I love that song.
Let me sit down.
I am about to swoon.
Where is the nearest bathroom?
I feel dizzy.
I am about to throw up.

All these concepts and ideas, and probably many more, stem from the spinning French head, which in France, can mean many things, depending upon how much wine you’ve consumed, and what the listener reads in your eyes, and your hands.

Ça = that
me = (to) me
tourne = turns or spins (tourner — to turn)
la tête = the head.

Ç’a — like sa in sa-rong.
Muh — as in duh,
tourne — like journ-al
La — a note to follow So                                                                                                                       tête — as in bet, tête á tête.

If you need additional help, watch the I Love Lucy episode on YouTube: Lucy Takes On a French Tutor.  That just spins my head.  Try it throughout the day, when you find yourself overwhelmed, stunned, or simply amazed.  Just thrust your arms into the air, and say

Ç’a me tourne la tête.

Now, what are we amazed at?  We are amazed at the human ability to learn and overcome overwhem-ment.
Ça va? (suh-vuh) You okay?
Ça va. (suh-vuh) You’re okay.

After what it took to locate all those accents and cedilles, I need to pray a prayer. Maintenant, á priér un prier.  No wonder those French are so crazed.

There in One God,
un Dieu,
Mon Dieu,
He who makes my head spin.
Çette Dieu qui me tourne la tête.
This God is Love.
This God is my loving God.
This God makes my head spin.
I take in all the blessings, the air I breathe, the water that sustains my system, the sun that warms my back.
I accept that which is.
I give thanks.
I release.
Ç’est ça. That’s it.

Tourne ma tête*.


* the head that spins.

That’s all, folks, Ç’est ca, poof!


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