‘I was told very young I was born a Sinner’ delightful prayer

A wonderful song by Diane, Mirror Image Edutainment, prayer by Alan John Mayer.

Written by a young lady named Diane, in my SOM II class in the early 80’s.  I don’t remember her name, and she did not sign her work. This is a song to music she wrote with a partner, a catchy tune and verse.

I was told very young that I was born a sinner
and there wasn’t a thing to be done,
Except to get down on my knees and declare that Jesus
was the only Begotten Son.

But now I’m learning this isn’t so,
We are all God’s children equally.
And Jesus came to show us he was only an example
And we must express our true Divinity.

I’m Divine.
I’m Divine.
I’m whole, perfect, and complete
And my new way of thinking is forever evolving
And the science that’s behind it is concrete.

My old friends tell me I’m a fundamental flunky
And I’m never gonna see the Pearly Gates,
But me I’m not worried ‘cuz the Kingdom is within me
And to get there I don’t even have to wait.

I’m Divine.
I’m Divine.
I’m Whole,
and Complete,

And my new way of thinking is forever unfolding
And I’m grateful that I woke up from my sleep.

Yes, I am grateful that I woke up from my sleep.

This catchy tune was written and performed to the accompaniment of two guitars by two young ladies in my Science of Mind (SOM) class.  I can sing the tune (debatable) but am not musically literate, so make up your own tune or google the song.  I would like to think their effort went further.

I would like to end my thoughts with a spiritual mind treatment, prayer.

There is One Life.
This Life is God.
This Life is perfect,
This Life is whole,
This Life is complete.

This God is my God.
He and She All in One, is the Jehovah of Israel,
S/He who blesses all who follow His and Her command,
the Duality of the One Whole is complete.

Whether a citizen of Jerusalem or not, I am protected
wherever I go, east or west,
this Protection looks over my Life now.
It is He who stands guard outside the Kingdom within, at my pearly gates.

My ego rests outside the door,
on the floor and out of commission.

With my ego at rest, my mind is free to soar.
My spirit rises to claim my birthright,
abundance and happiness,
the Connection with the Oneness of it all,
One Life.
One God.

I claim my good.
I accept Life on its own terms.
I adjust my rudder to take advantage of the current
I swim into a lake and into the harbor,
as I seek out the light in the dark.

I give thanks.
I give thanks for it all.
A thousand times, I give thanks.

I let it all go,
my thoughts,
my imagination,
my mind,

all lay on the floor outside the gates.
Subject thoughts under control, submissive, resigned, defeated,
while the creative mind reaches out to Krishna, as he tends his flock of sheep, Mohammed, as he works his garden, and myself,
as I reach out to the thousands of wish fulfilling trees

May they fulfill my wish to be happy.

And so it is.



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