‘My Broken Clock’ — The 12 Steps to Sanity

Mirror Image Edutainment, Alan John Mayer

High on the wall above my medicine cabinet hangs a ten inch clock with a brushed silver matte circular frame.  Nothing special, but pretty, and reliable.  For weeks now, it has been fourteen minutes, fourteen seconds till eight o’clock.  When I looked up, and noticed the clock had stopped ticking, the hands had come to rest at 7:46.

I noticed the slender red second hand, bobbing every second, trying desperately to carry out his mission to reach the peak hour.  For weeks now, it’s been fourteen minutes, and fourteen seconds till eight.  But my clock is not dead, yet.  Some energy stored up in the battery keeps the heart beating.  Sometimes I feel like my clock on the wall, stuck in one spot, pushing forward, getting no where, expending more energy, to get nowhere.  It’s an endless quest that can never be won.

I submit myself to a Higher Power,
Mother Earth,
as you understand God, yes, even the atheists have a God, the God of no god.

Is submitting to a Higher Power that can restore my life to sanity not one of the steps?  It works when I work it.  That means, it works when you work it, too.  And my train of thought keeps getting derailed.  My mind is not focused as I need it to be.

Greatness was never born out of comfort and luxury.  That could be debatable, as I think of Queen Victoria, — but then, was she comfortable?  If any of my readers have experiences involving HRH, please forward them to me on Facebook.

Thank you.
I admitted.
I came to believe.
I surrendered.
I made a fearless search.
I shared with another.
I became ready.
I asked for deliverance.
I made a list.
I made amends.
When I was wrong promptly admitted it.
I made a decision to find time for God.
As a result of working these steps, striving to employ them in all my affairs, I serve myself in a greater capacity.  Therefore, I serve the world in a greater capacity.
We are all no different.
If wisdom can help another, my light has burned well, my clock has ticked with forgiveness.                                                                                                                                            And so it is.



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