A Cadillac is a Cadillac by any Other Name

Mirror Image Edutainment, Alan John Mayer

I’ve been thinking…again. Why did American car models change every year during the 1950’s?  The 1950’s in America were a decade in which nothing else changed.  From 1946 through 1961 everything remained the same. Truman became president in 1945, followed by eight years of Eisenhower.  Dress hemlines rose by two inches (to below the knee) other than that, everything stayed the same — until Elvis came along, and he was just so far out ‘They’ had to censor him.

In a different way, the 1950’s were not unlike the 1980’s, eight years of Reagan followed by eight years of Bush, only then, we didn’t have a plague of homeless, mentally ill people roaming our libraries and streets, and I wasn’t one of them.  Things worked in the 50’s. I know. I am a product of the 1950’s, and I worked from age eleven.

Beginning with the Allied victory of WWII in 1946, the American economy went into a big swing as all previous war efforts were diverted into peacetime efforts, — Buicks, Cadillacs, refrigerators rolled off the assembly lines.  Debateably, the American automobile industry was the best in the world.  France provided the world with glamor, style, cheese and wine.  Germany made the glasses, and Americans produced Chryslers, Pontiacs, and refrigerators the size of some European automobiles.

We don’t see such yearly changes today — unless one is an AT$T customer.  Perhaps we have enough change in our lives we don’t need to worry about whether or not we are diving the latest automobile model and what Mr. Jones today, Señor Johnes, is driving.

It just occurred to me — AT$T is marketing their ‘new’ phones as if they were automobiles, offering customers a new phone every year for a price — in exchange for their soul.

God Bless America.
God Bless the automobile industry, our schools, our teachers, our students, our administrators and our American Democracy.
There is one Life.
This life is like a perfect new Cadillac.

This Cadillac is my life now, regardless what I call it, a Cadillac remains a Cadillac, God remains God, Yahew (or is it Yahoo?) Baal, Jahovah, Allah, Sabadi, Isis, Ra, El …
I accept all these different incantations as God, all guiding me along my path.

I know God is on my side, whatever I call Him, Her or They.
He provides me with guidance.  I put my ego to rest, retire him at the door, set him on the floor outside the gates to my mind.  I even tie him down if I have to, that I will listen to God.

I give thanks I don’t have to drive a Cadillac.
I bless all the poor people who do.
I release them all, with all my blessings,
may they be blessed on the road — behind me.

I let it go, and move forward, knowing God is always talking to me.
My job is to listen
and follow Him
her him in the trees talking to me in the breeze,
in the animals,
in the rocks.



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