The First Time I Stood Up Addendum

2018 unedited, Mirror Image Edutainment, Alan John Mayer

I think I might say, the first time I remember standing up to my mother and saying, “No/Nein!” was the first time I actually heard God speak to me.

I stood up, and listened for His guidance. I followed His command that I take this itchy shirt off. At work, my father was involved with foreigners. At home he was involved with only one foreigner — the enemy. I think I, as a young boy, was so confused by the different languages being spoken in my midst, without being aware of it, it was like living amid the tower of Babel. I knew how to speak two languages half way.

At home, father’s involvement with his wife required he make a full time commitment to speaking German with her, and living in her world. He was lucky to be her private cartoonist and jester.

Remembering the moment I first said, “No!” to Mummy’s shirt reminds me of the moment I first saw the Statue of Liberty. I was asea on the Geiger, an almost nine year old boy, my father brought me up from our cabin. Dawn was just breaking and a heavy mist hung over N.Y. harbour. There she stood, as we passed her by in the big ship. Then we moved into the pre- World Trade Center harbour.

I knew whatever was to come was going to be a big adventure.

God talked to me that day I stood there in my mother’s sewing room wearing her scratchy knit sweater, and I listened,
opened my eyes,
opened my ears but somewhere along the way, I shut them again, I remained in the dark, searching…

Now, that I my search may pay off bigger dividends. I must learn to become the efficiency expert of my life.

more often,

more easily,

more readily.

God, Gott gnade mir die Heiterkeit, God grant me the serenity, to accept the
people and things I cannot change.

Like the lotto billboards read: Breathe, breathe, breathe, etc., usw usw usw…


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