‘A BOY ALONE’ — A New Beginning

© 2018 Mirror Image Edutainment, ‘A Boy Alone’ ‘Obsessed’, ‘Hoodwinked’, ‘Lost in Confusion’ and ‘Victory Over Self’.

This has not been edited, nor should it really be read outside of the book, A Boy Alone, The Lie, Lost in Confusion.  The titles have changed, as has the name of the king.  He is no longer Kiriakos, but Poldemire.  Likewise, Gevork is Godwyn, and Happiness is Abundance.

In this version, author offers no apologies for missing or misplaced commas, overuse of the words have, had, that, and excessive use of the exclamation mark. The kingdom and State of Happiness has morphed into the State of Abundance.

For a treatment of this story please look into previous posts.

A Boy Alone
When You’re Alone
Book One Chapter I

In The Beginning There Was Abundance
(Life in the (United) States of Consciousness)

King Kiriakos, as well as Queen Marguerite, was an early automobile and flying contraption enthusiast. “Finally, I am alone, free from a staff, free of ministers, bodyguards, even the chauffeur. It’s just me and the open road,” yelled the King as he stepped on the gas of his 1912 Tubavion monoplane flying device.

Kiriakos and Marguerite had ruled over the thriving little kingdom of Happiness for more than three quarters of a century. Today was a day the King had looked forward to, a day free of all constraints, all people.

Suddenly, Tibbons the butler looked out the window in horror to see the flying contraption fly diretly into a lamppost across the lawn in Blue Spruce Park. “Call an ambulance,” yelled the bulter. Immediately, within fifteen minutes, a firetruck drawn by eight horses arrived, but when the rescue workers got to him, they found the King’s spirit had vacated his body. King Kiriakos was pronounced dead at the scene. Flags were lowered, and the tiny little kingdom went into mourning.

Of all the states of consciousness, it was Happiness that was the most popular. It was the choice of most, but not all were so lucky. Originally, there were many states. Listed alphabetically, they inlcuded Apathy, Bereavement, Confusion, Determination, Discord, Fear, Forgiveness, Grace, Happiness, Indifference, Possession, Resentment, Terror, Tolerance, and Understanding.

Coastal breezes and a temperate climate made the thriving little monarchy the envy of all the other states, principalities, and kingdoms. Due to its temperate climate, the people of Happiness, (the Happines), were healthier and lived longer than the subjects of any other state.

It was not at all unusual for subjects to live well into their one hundred-and-twenties. The King’s death, at one hundred-and-two, was considered premature indeed. The death of King Kiriakos was a blow to the entire continent. Happiness supplied most of the gold that was needed in every state.

In the fall of 1914, all the small kingdoms and principalities went to war against each other, all except the state of Grace and the state of Happiness. For more than eight hundred years, the little self-regulated gold producing kingdom had remained neutral amid fighting neighbors.

Overnight, the reign of the land passed to Queen Marguerite, but without Kiriakos at her side, she was in too much grief to be able to rule. When she heard fate call her to step down, she relinquished the throne and retreated upstairs into the palace attic to find solitude. There, from high on her perch overlooking the palace gardens and Crystal Lake below, she watched the world go by in the life of the exotic birds and wild animals in the palace gardens.

Queen Marguerite’s abdication left the little kingdom perplexed, without a ruler. She knew it was up to her to invite her young granddaughter, princess Pristine Henriette Goldspinner, to step up and be coronated. No princess had ever been more beloved. No royal had ever received so much media attention. Two years earlier, the subjects of Happiness, the Happines, had bestowed upon the young strawberry blonde with the warm hazel eyes, titles Countess of Style, and Princess of Perfection. Pristine was to be exact, pristine.

On a sunny day, Sunday the first of the next month, an elaborate procession pulled through the streets of Happiness, part memorial to the King, and part coronation of the Happine’s new Queen. Instantly, Pristine established her place in history, and with a faculty of experts at her command quickly learned how to exercise rule. Very soon, she learned how to get exactly what she wanted from anyone, without compromise, and what the new Queen wanted was a king, not just any king.

For years, Pristine had been holding a candle for Godwyn de Bonheur, the dashing young Prince of Tolerance, and Duke of Grace. But Godwyn was betrothed and started a family, but now, ten years later, he was a widower with two teenage girls, Possessia, and Geezealous, aged twelve and thirteen. The dashing prince was free again, and Pristine was determined to reel Godwyn in, but to do so she had to go through his girls.

The Queen consulted her faculty of experts. She had the Bonheur girls secretly followed to learn of their likes and dislikes. Then she devised a plan to reel Godwyn in, daughters and all, when she invited both Possessia and Geezealous to the palace to tea. Possessia played her chello, and Geezealous played her violin.

Not until the kingdom was secure, and parliament approved of Pristine’s choice, was she permitted to marry Godwyn, Prince of Peace.

Before the wedding, Pristine confided in Nanny Needlepinch, who up until then, had been her life partner. As long as she could remember, ever since losing her mother in a riding accident at the age of three, Nanny had always been there fore her.

‘Nanny, I never told you about the first time I met Godwyn?”
“No, child, I can’t say you did. Wasn’t it last fall, after you had him investigated?”
“No, it was many years back. I must have told you. You probably fell asleep.”

“That is a possibility. When you get as old as I am it’s sometimes not worth staying awake. Tell me, child.” She moved in closer.

“Do you remember the egg hunts on the northeast lawn when I was a girl?”
“Oh, child, there were so many of them. What year are you talking about?”

“I imagine it was ‘ninety-eight. I wasn’t even nine yet. We were all hunting for eggs, and I remember finding a bunch hidden in the bushes. I bent down to pick them up, and as I rose, I knocked my head into Godwyn, who was standing over me, and my nose was forced up the nape of his neck. I took an arrested breath then swooned, and collapsed. He reached out, and caught me from falling. Then he kept asking me if I was alright. ‘Princess,’ he kept saying, ‘princess,’ as he fanned my face.”

“Oh my, that must have been embarrasing for you.”

“It was. I was like in a daze, I opened my eyes, fluttered my eyelashes, looked up into those big blue eyes of his as he held me there in his arms. Then I know not what came over me. I grabbed him by his thick mane of brown hair, pulled him close, and planted a kiss on his lips.”

“Your Word, child, watch your language.” Pristine looked left, then right, then behind her.
“There’s no one around, Nanny.”

Nanny grumbled, looked around, then reached into her inside pocket, and pulled out her flask. “The walls have ears and the doors have eyes,” she said as she took a swig. “What happened next?”

“Well, I came to my senses. I didn’t know what to say, what to do, so finally, I said, “Please, Sir Godwyn, forgive me.”
“And what did he do?”

“He looked at me with those big dreamy blue eyes and said, ‘There is nothing to forgive, Princess, nothing to be forgotten.’ I could have died.”
“Well it’s a good thing you didn’t, child. Where did it go from there?”

“Nowhere. He picked up my basket for me and handed it to me. Then he took the other hand, and escorted me back to you, seated on the bench, asleep.” Pristine looked at Nanny, her head hanging low. “Nanny, wake up. You’re sleeping again.”

“W-wh-what?” asked the old matriarch, “what did I miss? I don’t remember any of this.”

“Of course not, Nanny. You’ve spent half my life asleep, but you’ve always been there for me.”
“It’s my job, child. I wouldn’t have it any other way.” She pulled out her flask again and took another swig.

“Ever since that day, I have never forgotten what it felt like to be in Godwyn’s arms, and how foolish I felt to have allowed myself such passion I remember, for years, I lived in fear someone might stand up and say he or she had witnessed my moment of passion.”

“As well you should live in fear, child. Men, they’re no good. You should stay away from him.”
“But I love him.”

“I know child, we all have a cross to bear. You will get over it with time.”
“Anyway, things have turned out alright, have they not, Nanny?”

“You are Queen now and have established your reign. Now you have your Godwyn. Now if you could only produce an heir, I might have it in me to raise one more tot before I am called away.”
Pristine laughed. “Nanny, we’ve not even married yet. You must give it time.”
“I haven’t got time, Pristine. I’m an old woman. If I am going to raise another Goldspinner, better make it soon before I check out.”

In the grand chapel of Happiness, on the fourteenth of October 1914, Godwyn and Pristine walked up to be wed in front of thousands. Seventeen generations of Goldspinners stepped up to be wed, christened, or coronated at this same granite stone. The Prince of Peace, Godwyn de Bonheur, was now wedded husband to Queen Pristine Goldspinner de Bonheur of Happiness. After the wedding, the royal couple was whisked off in a white and gold carriage drawn by four white horses.

Godwyn took over the four chambers in the northeast wing, while Possessia, and Geezealous took up residency in what had previously been the Queen Mother’s chambers. She was now living upstairs in the attic, with her eighty-six year old companion maid, Uppsola Pumba. With the Queen Mother overlooking everyone, the King and Queen residing over the east wing, the girls across the corridor in the west wing, and Nanny Needlepinch living with her niece, everyone was happy, Well, almost everyone was happy.

continued upon request.


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