Cudos to Mayor Linda Lusk of Prosser, Oregon, for her recovery, as seen on 20/20

2018, Mirror Image Edutainment, Alan John Mayer

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When we look into the lives of every person who is condemning former mayor Linda Lusk of Prosser, Oregon, and her family, we are bound to find skeletons that reek of guilt, shame, and unforgivness. I myself could not live such a town surrounded by such evil witch hunters, determinded to pull down successful people because they themselves lack what it takes to make something of themselves. I’ve met these people. They stink of vengeance, at any cost.

Was it right for Mrs. Linda Lusk, mayor and wife of high school principal Mr. Lusk, to text with a teen, then, upon his insistence, send him a picture of her in a bra? No. She admitted that and has shown remorse. She opened her home to her daughter’s boyfriend when he and her daughter broke up when he reached out to her mother for solstice. As a loving, caring person, mother, child advocate, and mayor of the town, she trusted the intentions of a fourteen year old boy, and was betrayed by him. This woman is not a sex offender.

I believe Mrs. Lusk had time to do much thinking in jail and during her service hours cleaning a church. She knows her actions were inappropriate, she can do nothing more than affirm she is a loving, caring, forgiving individual who indeed is a child advocate. What more can she do but admit, forgive, and move on? Why are the witch hunters denying this woman her right to peaceful existence? They are evil, plagued by jealousy, prompted by the killing of animals to satisfy their senses.

Even the ‘victim’ himself admits to inappropriate behavior, not withstanding the lies he has undoubtedly told to boost his position within the football locker room. He himself said the experience had done him no harm, and I caught the three second snippet the producers interjected to appease the boy’s mother with the judgmental angry scowl lines building up in her face as she speaks, “what she did was wrong and people need to know that.” That was the boy’s mother speaking, the ego who refuses to accept her little high school football player son has grown into a heat seeking missel.

Hasn’t Mrs. Lusk been through enough pain? That which caused her to open her heart in the first place to her daughter’s fourteen year old boyfriend, who was crying out desperately for attention, who then took advantage of her, then send her off to jail, the community refuses to let rest.

Has not one person in their justice system ever been a fourteen year old boy?

Has not one of them any knowledge to what degree a fourteen year old boy will exaggerate among his peers to boost his ego?

Has not one person in their Halls of Justice any idea how far a fourteen year-old boy will go to get his rocks off, then brag about it, even if it didn’t happen? The boy was thinking with his dick. He was a heat seeking missle, ready to shoot. He was not thinking with his brain then, nor was he thinking with his brain, but rather his ego, when he appeased his mother for the media hounds by saying what she did was wrong and people need to know this. Yes, it was wrong, but the woman is not a sex offender. She has paid for her bad judgment, and deserves to be allowed to participate in her children’s lives. The hunters who are denying her this right are adding to the problems of the planet, to the hatred, to the judgment, to the people their Bible tells them not to be. I am sure they are good Christians.

Did Mrs. Lusk not submit herself to a polygraph test and pass with no question on the part of the programer. Yes, she did. Fourteen year-old boys can cheat and steal, even break laws, and then lie convincingly about it to get what they want — attention from anyone who will give it to them. I know this. I was once a fourteen year old boy, and if I had to live with the boy’s mother, I too would be looking for something else. I know this. I had such a mother, and for years I got to know teenagers in the years I taught in lower socio-economic inner city schools.

I am convinced, when we examine the witch hunters past, every one of them is guaranteed to have a skeleton in their past, deserving of jail time. It is the ego stepping out to protect and keep hidden their skeletons. It is the ego that insists on making Mrs. Linda Lusk their scapegoat.

God bless all the members of the Lusk family. May their love continue to flow, setting an example to others, that even with witch hunters at her back, they can display the dignity of truth just by moving on out of judgment in love, and in allowing Linda Lusk to just be herself, the child advocate she is, though now her love must sadly be limited to dreams.

Jeanie C. Riley said it best in 1968 when Mrs. Johnson walked up to the blackboard, I can still recall the words she had to say. “She said I’d like to address this meeting of the Harper Valley P.T.A….This is just a little Peyton Place and you’re all Harper Valley Hypocrites.


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3 Responses to Cudos to Mayor Linda Lusk of Prosser, Oregon, for her recovery, as seen on 20/20

  1. RJ Hendrickson says:

    Linda Lusk got screwed on this one. Chalk up another win to the crap shoot of what is the US legal system.

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