May the World Step into Consciousness

© 2018 Mirror Image Edutainment, Alan John Mayer, ‘A Boy Alone’

There is one life.
I call this life is God. God by any name is God, even if there is no God, that God is God too, the god of No god.  I can choose to call God whatever I want, nothing changes His essence.
This life is perfect.
This life is my life now.

I take a moment to slow down and let my mind take a rest. I take a deep breath and go within to reach for the affirmations shared during today’s Coda meeting and know that I speak my word for all who have ears to hear.  I repeat and internalize, allowing every experience to serve my higher awareness.  I have the ability to make the conscious choice to grow.  I have within me the ability to choose to either be right, or happy.  Only a fool would choose to be right when happiness is easily attainable.

I choose to be happy, content with my life now.

I ask that God guide my breath, prompting me to go within through meditation, chanting, simply pulling myself away from the chatter of the world. I place aside all the demands, the noise and chaos, all the vibrations trying endlessly to solicit my attention in favor of peace of mind.

I choose peace of mind now.

I focus my attention on serving the world and others, thereby serving me as I remember to place principles before personalities.  I listen for spirit to speak. I know when I get out of my own way, and allow someone else to take the lectern, God will speak to me when I am ready to listen. I know God wants me to have happy relationships with everyone I come in contact with.  I may not succeed, but I can accept and release those who chose to be right, rather than happy.

I want to be happy.

God wants me to know abundance is my divine right.  He shows me the way to serve in an affirmative way that works for all, bringing peace to my little corner of the world, the only world I have any control over.  It is my spiritual path.

Where I choose to place my foot next will determine what I step into.

When I listen, God shows me the way.  With God as my guide I can do all things I set my mind to.  I accept everything good, bad, indifferent.  I know everything is as I perceive it. I know that when I open (or shut) my eyes, I can teach myself to perceive with God’s vision.

I give thanks for abundance. I give thanks for the metals mined from the earth that have become my stove, refrigerator, and automobile.  I give thanks for the abundance of delicious foods preserved in my refrigerator, being kept fresh until I am ready to eat them.  I give thanks for the running water that allows me to cook and keeps me clean, refreshed, free from waste. I give thanks for all the people who keep our infrastructure working that

I live a carefree life free from dis-ease.

I give thanks for the relationships with people, plants, and animals that make life so interesting.  I give thanks for the flowers and the trees that provide the air that makes it possible for me to breathe.  Without the trees, I would not be here.  Next time I meet a tree, I am going to hug it, and thank it.

The tree will respond when I listen.

I release my thoughts into the Universe, knowing my word is Divine cause.  I know, that which I put out will come back to me multiplied.  I pray that what I put out is as good as I imagine, and that the world will step into Consciousness through the pages of ‘A Boy Alone’.

And so it is.



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