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And so the U.S. Supreme Court has decided (by a very narrow margin of 5 to 4 which could easily have swayed the other way) that it is not a crime to be gay in the United States of America and we can forget the centuries of discrimination and remember it is over — but only when we stand up for it. Freedom is not a given. It can easily be taken away, just listen to the news about what is going on in our government, not unlike what my mother lived through between the wars.

I understand avoiding the news, but if you are unaware, please take it as a responsibility of having the privilege of being a citizen of not only the world, but of The United States of America, to be informed about what is happening around you. Now to a happier note…

… the death of Mr. Wong Leung Sr.; I fit in well as his pallbearer in my black suit in a 1991 funeral, and am hereby offering my six feet (seven inches) of service as best man. All you have to do is provide the tuxedo (Prussian blue looks good on me) and the buttonier (a black orchid will talk volumes). Just e-mail me or show up at my door. Just give me 24 hours to get my hair right.

My neighbor has been a great contributor to the beer, wine, and water industries, as well as being a contributor to my private stash since I told him “no no no” to donating to the city. By the 27th of the month, the ten dollars y pico their addictions provide is more than willkommen toward recycling into my own addictions so I may recycle back to them and keep the recycling in the recycling “family”.

Now that my West Hollywood Recycling Engineer has educated me on what is and what is not recyclable, I’m going to inform others and ask that you assist as Alone collects on his effort to save the planet — one bottle at a time. As per the Engineer’s suggestion, I am now collecting collectables from anyone who collects. Yes, send me your recyclables, drop them off at my doorstep any hour of the day or night and the tooth fairy will reward you by promising never to pay you a visit. Call it protective measures, like la mordida. Si, deje sus recyclables en frente de mi door and Pokey will thank you by barking, and the cats will think you are (you’re, not your) their Miao.

Speaking of talking cats, my pussy Miao talks back when I speak to her. Today she not only talked back, she listened to me. I must be getting through to her. She was resting in the sunshine in one of her favorite spots, the front door, when the blessed leaf blower man appeared for his weekly blow of the dust around. As I got up to close the door I said,

“Okay Miao, it’s time to move please (I always use please and thank you with my animals, it works wonders).”

She actually got up and stepped out of the way before I had reached the door. I’m laughing about it now, only wish I had had my camera on. Ha!…Ha!…Ha! (or lol) . . . which reminds me of a very talented comedienne and a fine person, Phyllis Diller, whom I adore. “Ha!…Ha!…Ha!” was not only M.R. Kopmeyer’s laugh, she borrowed (or stole it) from him for whatever reason, and though the laughter was forced, in my opinion*, like the lady, it was funny. I like Phyllis Diller’s humor and therefore, I like the woman (until the next book comes out entitled “Hollywood Horror Moms“).

*like bellybuttons, every body has one.

Now Allah calls us to prayer.

There is one life.
This life is God, Allah, God, Jesus, Mohammed, Lao Tze, Buddah, Krishna, Mother Earth, Mother Nature, Mudd, whatever I call it it is all God, without offense to anyone I left out.
This life is my life now.
Me, you, he, she, it, God, gay, straight, black, white, pink, God, yellow and orange
all one big family of God.
be here be present God be aware of how I fit into my surroundings God whether sitting with my car God or sitting on the freeway or sitting on my cellphone, the best place for it.
“Oh God, not this again!”
I accept love, God’s love.
I accept all of what is my life good God, bad, indifferent as my ego God chooses to label it, a thousand times I God accept that it’s all stardust, all god.
I let my thoughts go, knowing my word is divine cause. Somewhere out there, God hears me and is responding. All I need to do is learn from my cat, listen.
Bless my world.
Make it safe for God to show up even where I think it may not be safe. Allow me God to get past my thoughts to the truth.
And so it is.



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